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Can this kid really be this stupid?????

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After a somewhat difficult week with Stink (SS17), my prayers were answered and BM took him for the weekend.

We knew she was leaving him here tonight but she didn't give us a time. About 6:00, my puppy, Sir Barks-alot, went on one of his very annoying barking sprees. Both Dh & I checked the peep hole and saw no one out front, but the puppy's behavior really escalated.

Finally, at about 6:30ish DH opened the front door, to "prove" to the puppy no one was there. DH has wrong. Stink was standing there all pissed off. He started throwing a fit, that he was standing there since 5:45, the puppy was barking and no one opened the door.

DH said to him, did you knock or ring the doorbell? Stink said, "I didn't know I was supposed to do that."

Can this kid really be this f'ing stupid???

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If he really is that dense - he deserves to stand outside the door for hours! What a pity your puppy alerted you!

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Holy Crap! 17??? Really? I am at a loss for words right now. That is just crazy! Sounds to like he is just trying to get a rile out of his dad and you.

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OMG - I was drinking soda when I read this and spit all over my computer. LOL! I'm so sorry for you - pityface.

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Just think this kid maybe driving.....some day.....he is ending his 2 year on his permit. The first time he took the test, he had 3 pages of infractions....including running a red light and almost hitting a city bus.

This kid just BLOWS me away....I was kinda wishing it was 30 below zero. If I did't witness the crap this kid does I wouldn't believe it. Last week my eyes almost fell out when I saw him playing with hilself, then came the crying when he was told he had to touch his crunchy socks and the week ended with this. You can't make this shit up.

DH doesn't "see" any of this.

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Oh lordy....My stepdaughter, who is 8, has little to no brain as well....and common sense alludes her. I could write a book.
But funny enough, whenever I post anything, I am always told to give them the benefit of the doubt...I HOPE noone tells you that.

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"the benefit of the doubt"

I DESPISE that idiotic phrase.

Yeah give Hitler the benefit of the doubt, same for Osama bin laden, et al

Benefit of the doubt=lame excuses for poor behaviour. period.

Thing is, Stepmoms NEVER receive the "benefit of the doubt." It's always "you don't like my kid" etc.

Umm, no it's b/c we actually are the only ones who CARE about these children to see that they grow up to be RESPONSIBLE, INDEPENDENT, FUNCTIONING at a NORMAL LEVEL adults!!! The bioparents certainly seem unconcerned with their tolerating, encouraging and enabling monsterous activity amongst their spawn.

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I have been told that I need to cut him some slack, give him a break....etc., at this ages all the breaks, doubts, slack has been given! Little or no brain is a great way to describe it!

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This is an entitled Skid thing. I've seen more than a few blogs where entitled skid just stands behind the door hoping for it to magically open as they've been told ALL their lives that they are SPECIAL!!

I've seen it in action with my own skids!!!

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This is kid "special" alright....LOL! I can't wait until he gets out in the real world and hinds out his is not all that special.

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OMG, if this kid doesn't understand knocking on doors and cries about crunchy socks at 17 years old, he is NEVER going to be out in the real world. All I have to say is that you are a SAINT to have married into this family. I would have ran soooo fast. Just reading about this kid makes my blood boil. Is he actually going to graduate from high school? How does he do anything by himself at school? Does he have friends?

I can't believe a kid would act like this unless they had a very severe developmental disability.

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I was dating DH about a year before I met the darling. BM didn't want the kid to meet me, just in case I went away. When I first met him, it was WTF....he was 8 but acted like a 3 yo. He threw fits, rolled around, kicked his feet, swung and kicked at us, held his breath (not longer enough). But Dh only had him on the weekends...I was able to cope. My friends told me to run....especially since I reallky have no use for kids on a good day. Then we got him 5-2-5 when he was in 6 was really horrible. Then lat she dumped him here...I went on Xanax and to therapy. I only write about of the really bad shit this kid does....but there is something every day..I just chant disengage. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to smack this kid silly.

Somehow he does good in school, A and B's. IDK how. all the years I have known him, I can count on one hand all the times that he had done things with his friends. He claims to have friends, he can't remember their names and he has never been on the phone with them.

The strange thing is when he was in group therapy, he interacted well with the other kids. He did all the group tasks and according to the therapist he seemed normal. BUT when he was in one-on-ones with her, after he got comfortable he started the same behaviors with her as he did at home.

I went ot talk to the therapist this morning, I don't want to get to the place I was last year over this kid. I was thinking his behavior took a nose dive and she pretty much comfirmed that based on my descriptions he has regressed. UGH

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I just posted something not to long ago, I think I titled it Enough is Enough....if you get a chance read on about all the "benefits of the doubt" repsonses I got....I'm a step away from thinking there really is nOONE to vent too...
How bout we do this....We will just send a memo out to the world that when they come across these people in life to give them the "benefit of the doubt" card, that way everyone is on the same page!! OY!!!!

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Apples don't fall far from trees....and sometimes the apples just dangle.....Just sayin.

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I'll never forget when the Behemoth BM just slapped Brainiac, at the time eight yrs old (he's now 14) on ADHD meds. . . of COURSE w/o consulting GG (biodad). The pills were called "Focasyn"
and Brainiac went on and on and on about how the pills will make him better; how they will help him be smarter in his school work, etc. etc. etc.

Of course this was mere projection of victimization from the Behemoth. According to her, every one of her children's failures is NOT due to her poor parenting but b/c she and GG split.

He's still taking meds for ADHD and is failing all classes. Seems the meds really didn't help at all (rolls eyes so far into head they freeze that way)

Most recently he divulged that the Behemoth is getting ready to slap Prince Hygiene on Focasyn as well (he's eight)