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DH getting it

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This morning, like I do EVERY morning, I get DH out of bed and remind him that he needs to go get SheSloth up as I have not heard any activity outside of our bedroom. This morning he was not happy about it! Wednesday night, during their little fight, DH told SheSloth that she needs to be getting herself out of bed every morning...he should not have to be getting her up. She needs to start doing what she knows she is supposed to be doing.

So, when I told DH this morning to remember to go wake up SheSloth, he says, "I really don't care any more! SHE doesn't feel she needs to be up at 6 am, so she will NOT get up at 6 am. No, she is going to do it the way she wants to!" I said, "Oh, you mean like everything else?" I got a that was not directed at me, but screamed, "I'm really tired of this crap with her!" Now, keep in mind this is Miss Pokey Slow, and she needs to be ready to leave the house at 6:45 am...but she doesn't think she needs to get up at 6 am!

This was after she AGAIN had to be told to take the trash to the curb last night! Also, she AGAIN didn't put a bag in the trash can in the kitchen when she came back in from taking the trash out. This was also after 2 full nights of total attitude from SheSloth.

I'm so waiting for DH to blow a gasket tonight because he ends up having to take SheSloth to BM's tonight after the game. I know, in another thread folks said he should just turn off his phone...he won't do that. So, I'm certain SheSloth has already told BM last night...or will do it during the day at school today...that she REALLY wants to come over tonight after the game, but dad said no, not until morning. That means that starting around 2 pm, BM will start blowing up DH's phone asking him why he can't make a trip to her house at MIDNIGHT to bring over SheSloth. He will end up giving in just to shut her up.

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Only problem is, his phone is with him, and he does need to leave it on for work, as work reimburses him to use his own cell phone. As it is all over the city at client sites, he can't turn it off. As said below, he needs to grow a spine, and just tell the brats (BM AND SheSloth) "NO!".

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I would simply start using the trash can without a bag in it and when it comes time to empty it she can deal with the gooey, messy crap pile she created by not putting in a bag. A couple times of getting her hands really dirty will solve that problem. Ice water works really well for waking teenagers up. It only requires once or twice and after that you just have to clink the glass and they are right out of bed. Having raised 7 kids I can attest that this works! And again, once or twice max of unpleasant coldness and you will never have to do it again.
As dr as the midnight drive, your DH needs to grow a pair and just say NO!!!

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Oh...and to top it all off...I logged in to put money in her lunch account (don't trust DH to do it, because depending on his mood, he will give her whatever she asks for in her account so she can by junk food...I put in ONLY enough for standard lunch every day). Girl has gotten 6 tardies since the last reporting period ended! One of them was yesterday for 1st period. Now, supposedly SheSloth needs DH to drive her to school EVERY morning because she has color guard practice before school starts...and color guard is the 1st period on her schedule. So tell me, how is one tardy for a class she was supposed to already be in when the bell rang? Seems to me, someone is telling some lies again!