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Steps and bios....Questions about bedtime

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Question for bios and steps with young teens. What time on weekends or non school days does does your young teen go to bed? What time if no school/sports do you let them sleep till in the morning? 

SS13 stays up (weekends/non school) till at least midnight sometimes later. Twice this week he was up till 4am. 

SS13 is NEVER up before 10am. Most days he sleeps past noon. Today he did not role out of bed till 3pm. 

DH is not to concerned stating that's "normal" for teens. I personally think at 13 regardless weekend or not staying up past midnight and sleeping past noon is not good parenting and not good for SS. 

Im not looking to change DH or anything and honestly it keeps SS out of my hair but wondering what your SS or bios do/did regarding bed/wake up times


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I think most teens' bedtimes are pretty messed up these days due to the pandemic, rampant depression, delayed school starts, forced virtual school, and so on.

We with teens, are all trading new territory here.

You just need to find what works best for your household and your teen during these times.

For little children, it's different - routine should rule. For teens though, ...well I honestly feel sorry for them all, being distanced from friends and so forth. It's so mentally unhealthy.

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Sleep patterns in teenagers change and it is normal for them to got to sleep late and wake up late.

"Biological sleep patterns shift toward later times for both sleeping and waking during adolescence — meaning it is natural to not be able to fall asleep before 11:00 pm." from


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So just looking back at my teen years my "bedtime" was 9:30/10 at 13. More of a, be in your room by then type rule. But we didn't have the technology that today's teens have so I would also add a no phones rule. My siblings and I would generally read in bed until we were tired. Weekends was an hour later. My parents let me sleep until I woke up unless I had something to do. I can remember at 15 sleeping in until 3 even 4 often. While still going to sleep at a decent hour. But my parents didn't tiptoe and try to keep quiet. They were as loud as ever lol. If I managed to sleep through it then they let me. 

DH and I have agreed to do similar with our children. Right now the rule is up by 9, regardless. But once they are teens we'll let them sleep. 


Hormones and all, ya know? 

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Thinking back to my childhood I had to be in my room around 9:30 during the week and like 11 on weekends but I wasn't required to actually sleep. I never had a time I had to be awake unless we had something planned that I needed to be up forFfor.

For SD when she was 13 and would stay over our expectations were about the same. We did start taking away her phone at like 11 or midnight when she started staying up until 5-6am. Honestly that was great because she'd fall asleep earlier and get up earlier so she could get her phone back. 

I think it's totally normal for teens to stay up late and sleep in and I liked the silence in the morning when I drank my coffee.

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Don't have a teen yet, but personally i was probably in bed by 11-12, may or may not have been sleeping yet, and my mom would me out of bed at like 10, but i probably could have slept till noon lol

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Midnight is okay, but 4 am isn't ok for anyone.

As someone said above, teens do get a shift in their sleep schedule, and tend to stay up later and sleep in. Nothing wrong with that in the summer.

I'd leave it alone, it's pretty typical nowadays. As long as he doesn't get his sleep schedule completely reversed (ie, playing video games until 8 am and then sleeping all day), it's fine.

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He must be playing games?

Our one teen pulled a 5am 'gone to bed on a Saturday morning' a few weeks ago. after a fun filled night of laughing, screaming. You guys know the deal if you have kids that have play station.

Guess what I did.........RAN the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom, turned on the lights and sang to the toon Happy Birthday--- 'Good Morning to you, good morning to YOU GOOD MORNING DEAR kid name, good morning to you"" LOLOLOL

On average middle to late teens are in bed during school 9pm. Weekends 10pm .

During summer 10 to 11pm at the latest. Weekends maybe midnight.

A 13 year old would be in be no later than 10pm on weekends. 9pm during school week.

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YSD14.5 goes to bed around 8:30 almost every night. Yes, even in the summer. Then she reads, sometimes to as late as 10 and sometimes she can't get to sleep...because she goes to bed way too early. At least this way DH and I can watch anything we want to.

She "sleeps in" until around 11:00 - noon. But her alarm (yes, she sets an alarm even in the summer) goes off around 9:15 am. Sometimes she is awake then, reading, sometimes she goes back to sleep. Never leaves her room unless to use the bathroom until at least 11:00. 

All of that not my issue.