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Sleep issues

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SS13 was never a great sleeper at BM but never had a issue at our house till about three months ago. BM gives him Benadryl or melatonin before bed but lately that has not been working. DH never gave SS anything to sleep at our house. 

lately SS gets up at our house dragging. SS would sleep till noon or later if we let him. 

Now SS goes to bed about two hours later at our house so this could be the reason SS never had a issue sleeping at our house.

The problem SS is having is falling asleep. It takes him between 1 to 2 hours once he gets into bed to fall asleep. Also it does not mater if SS goes to bed at midnight he will still just lay in bed till 2am. 

There is NO tv/phone/ video games in SS room so we know he's not up doing those things. It's very quiet in our house so that's not it either. Now once SS falls asleep he's good it's just getting there. 

Anyone else have a kid that has a hard time falling asleep? Reasons why a kids SS age would have this problem?



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If he is getting Benadryl or melatonin before bed every night at BMs, depending on what percentage of time he spends there, he may be dependent on it to sleep. I once knew a woman who took Benadryl to sleep every night and after 5 years, she was up to 10 tablets a night. She built up a tolerance and it took more and more. 

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We just found out that melatonin is good for 3 months then you need a break.  My doctor told me I could take up to 15mg a night. 5 works best for me. Benadryl makes me groggy n the morning the first 3 days then it doesn't.   The tolerance thing is true from my experience. It makes my DH hyper.   Teenagers do need more sleep.  Does he go outside much? Might be low on Vitamin D.  Magnesium is another thing that helps sleep. Does he eat well?    

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When I can't sleep it is usually because my brain is still working. Happens most often when I am stressed about something. 

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Anxiety and depression can cause sleep issues. Considering he's also a super picky eater, anxiety is quite possible.

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So, I've struggled with anxiety my whole life and this is a common aspect of that. A fan helps if the house is super quiet. Also, he should be going to bed at the same time every night. Routine is super important. Why does his bedtime vary so much between the homes?

Therapy was essential during the worst of it. And if she's drugging him up with allergy meds and unproven dietary supplements anyhow, you might as well get him a therapist and discuss sleep aids that are actually designed and meant to treat sleep problems.

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This should be discussed with a doctor. A sleep study may or may not be needed. He could have a hormonal imbalance that is causing problems with his circadian rhythm.

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Definitely see what the kid's physician recommends.  From the time I was born I had an upside down sleep cycle.  Sleepy at 10 in the morning, and wide awake at 10 at night.  It was ROUGH.  I was in my 30s before my doctor found the right sleep aid for me.  It was a godsend.

Do whatever you can to get this addressed now.  

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You should have a set things at night .  Dinner. Then at a certain time  Some relaxing activities for a hour. Reading, or   Something. Not exciting video games.  Then bed at a certain timed.  White noise machine to cover any house noise. 
That it, SS goes to bed and stay there.  He gets up at 7 AM.  

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I only use sleep aids when I have reverted to my historic night owl status and have screwed up my sleep schedule.  I take an aid for one night and that usually resets me to a decent sleep schedule until I allow night owl guy take back over a month or two later.   Lather, rinse, repeat.

Kids have parents to structure their lives including when they go to bed and when they get up. They should not be given sleep aids.

Unless they are ill, a kid who stays up until the middle of the night gets up at the usual time and stays awake until the usual bed time.  Period!  It is the responsibility of the adults in the household to make this and just about anything else in the home happen regarding kid schedules.

If the problem remains after purging staying up late and  screens in the bedroom, having the kid checked by an Doc of course should happen.

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SS is in therapy for a number of other issues and BM has brought up the sleep problem a number of times. The Psychiatrist is the one that recommended the melatonin to be in with. Now it's not working so he's Recommending a slow releasing longer acting one. 

Does not mater if SS goes to sleep at 7pm or 12 am he still takes two hours to fall asleep. He never comes out of his room how we knew he was having problems is he's always telling us he's tired. When asked how he slept SS will say not good and that he took two hours to fall asleep.