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Help SS and “sleep problems”

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For the last 3 or 4 months SS13 has had problems falling asleep. Most nights it takes him 2 hrs to fall asleep. Does not matter if SS13 goes to bed at 9pm or 11pm still takes him 2 hrs to fall asleep. Because of this SS13 will either sleep till noon the next day or be a tired miserable bastard if woke up early. SS13 "problem" is effecting our whole house so hoping to find a solution. 

SS13 is not allowed to have his phone or any electronics in his room so it's not this. We make the house is quiet so noise is not the issue either. 

Thoughts of what could be going on AND solutions on getting him to fall asleep in a normal time

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Could be stress. I've been reading lots of articles about how corronavirus worries and being in the home so much has caused sleep issues for lots of people. Could be that he isn't physically and mentally exhausting himself like he usually would with a full school day and other activities. 

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Don't let him sleep until noon or take naps, so that he's tired at 10 or so.   If not, check with the pediatrician - a lot of them recommend melatonin.

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  If he is getting 13 hours of sleep and waking at noon i can see why he wouldn't be wanting to sleep at 9 pm.

i would have your DH start waking him by 9 am each day.

be lucky you aren't me....SD13 goes to sleep at 4 or 5 am and sleeps until 4pm...and sometime until 6 pm.