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the lack of common sense and stupidity never cease to amaze me

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about 2 months ago BM slaps dh with a bullshit contempt.. we pay a lawyer, answer to the contempt.. we have actual physical evidence its bullshit.. apparently she does not know this yet... she thinks she has DH running scared, hanging this contempt over his head, so then she files for custody, her lawyer draws up some unrealistic papers and DH says nope not gonna sign them, so the custody conference was the other day, DH goes with his lawyer, BM and her lawyer do not show.. guy comes out and says ok its 20 after do you want it rescheduled or dismissed.. umm thats an easy one..dismissed. DH calls BM says ok so it was dismissed cuz neither of you showed.. bm loses it, saying her lawyer was there and she has no idea how dh pulls this shit and it was not dismissed and he was just playing games... hangs up, calls her lawyer (who didnt show) then calls DH back wanting to talk.
DH said that the kids can live there, told her what he was willing to sign and that had to be signed first, and had to be done before school started cuz where the started school is where they would finish the year.. so the school calls a few hours later, BM enrolled them in the school where she lives.. DH calls her and tells her that she isnt going to pull shit..and things had to be done and she knew that, she said it was no big deal and if he didnt shut up she was not going to drop the contempt.. when dh told her that he dont care about it, that was going to be dismissed too, and if she dont include him on things then they would have to figure something else out.
so now she has nothing.. unless someone else in her family is willing to put more money up to refile everything..
why wouldnt she show.. wonder what she told her lawyer to make her not show either.. its insane!!!