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yippee.. dh has contempt

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So I check the mail the other day and there is a letter from the court house... postponing a contempt hearing on DH because he has not yet been served the contempt papers.
What is the contempt about you ask, well in May we were adviced by highly trained professionals to take SS13 to a residental psychatric facility, after carefully talking to him they determined that he should be admitted.. (he said he wants to kill others and himself, not to mention the sexual acting out), they didnt need BM's permission because legal custody is with DH.. so a month later she files contempt charges on him because she was not asked if it was ok that he went in there. She does not agree to him goin in there.
What gets me is that if DH wouldnt have told her she wouldnt have ever known he was in there cuz its not like she bothers calling or communicating. She has went months without talking to them.. and never ever calls here to talk to them or find out whats going on in their lives.
She will also be taking DH to court for custody of SS, not SD, just SS..
although I am aggrivated because thats just more in lawyers bills for us, she has legal aid so its free for her, we do, however welcome the chance for a judge to tell her to shove it up her ass..
in the past 5 yrs alone (we were always told to go back 5 yrs)
she has willingly signed off legal custody, she had supervised visitation she didnt make it to most of the time, she has not proven to be a stable place for her kids, and not to mention we have several drs. saying the kid needs help..
So I guess the court hearing is Aug. 10, he has yet to be served the contempt papers so it might be postponed again because she isnt paying to have him served.. but until then there goes my effing vacation and any type of anniversary or bday for me, and lets not forget school clothes for our kids will be very limited, we have to come up with yet another 2000 to retain the lawyer.. anniversary is next wk, vaca was suppose to be the 2nd wk in aug, and school starts the end of aug.. if she drags this out to mediation we will have to pay for that as well..!!
oh and when she said something to him when he asked about the contempt she said its her turn for support.. and it would be well over 50 a wk\
without legal custody she does not have a leg to stand on.. wonder if we can sue her for lawyers bills??

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Can't you make so she will have to pay his lawyer's fees if they agree with him in court? The last time DH went to court (for contempt for BM not paying child support), they made BM pay for his lawyers fees. Its worth a shot.

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Here we have taxe payers money ours going for what....she wil not win, I would ask your lawyer to mention to the judge that if she takes you to court again for things like this can she beforced to pay, sorry aboutyour dealing with the mental issues, sounds like she messed the child up.

Thanks KTL

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We are gonna talk to the lawyer about her paying his fee.. we can try, even if she is ordered to pay it she wont.. she it still paying just enough to keep her out of jail from when she stole like 8000 from where she worked back in 2003..
I do not see how a lawyer would take her after knowing she has no legal custody.. that is if she told the truth.

does anyone know how long she has to serve him the papers before its just dropped? the hearing was suppose to be 7-14, but he wasnt served so now its 8-10.. and he still hasnt been served.. will they just keep putting it off till she gets around to have him served?

right now I am doubting she will actually follow thru, she has to pay someone to serve him, she has the kids all summer, except 4 days everyother week so ss can go to this out patient couceling I guess we sit and wait and see..
the sad thing is if she was a normal person they could talk about it and get smething worked out. but she refuses to talk.. and its worse when she has an audience.. she will scream at him and cry when he is saying nothing at all.. she likes to play the victim..

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So finally got the contempt papers, more of a joke than we thought..
she filed them a month after SS was out of the residental treatment, but she claims she didntknow where he was, dh wouldnt say where he was, and refused to give her reports...
He called her the day after, she even called to where ss was, after the call to her to explain where he was and why she refused to talk to dh at all,she had moved, didnt have her address, she never wanted reports before, and she is his mother all she has to do is call down and they will give her one..
2 wks before school was out dh texted her and asked her if she was going to talk to him about summer visits.. but yet she claims dh is not letting her see the kids.
One day she called the house, we were at the mall shopping, she texted dh phone and said tell the kids I called them twice (yeah calls were 1 min apart).. dh said we are at the mall.. she didnt bother to call dh cell phone to talk to them.
from the time ss went in res. treatment (he was there 10 days total) til she file the contempt she texted once and asked if he was home, she was told yes he is home.. from then til now, (filed papers 1st of June) she has had no communiciation.. it was us who got ahold of her and chased her down to see if she wanted the kids for part of the summer..
omg what a fucking joke she is..and she went from legal aid to someone paying for a lawyer for her.. we are gonna try to make her pay our lawyer, cuz this is a joke.