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Hey Ya'll - it's been awhile!!!

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I'm just chiming in to give you steps a little update. I'm honestly not sure what I last posted about, but I'm sure it's been a year or slightly less. I joined this site a couple years ago because my then boyfriend became good friends with the BM for the sake of the kid, and I didn't like their new lack-of boundaries with their friendship - constant calling, texting, talking about non kid issues.

In a nutshell, we BU because he thought I was too insecure about her. He immediately began dating someone else, and that lasted approx 3 months. But then, BM and her boyfriend broke up. And soon after, BM and my ex were back together. They were committed this time. Their kid was their world and they wanted to provide him a nuclear family environment. I honestly thought it would last between them. They were older and wiser now. And he forgave her for the infdility that broke up their marriage. I was WRONG and KARMA is a BITCH!

She graduated from nursing school this summer. She can obviously find a job anywhere with that degree. But nope. She has always loved California and is moving there, which is 900 miles away from here. She wanted my ex to follow, but he said no. He has a son from a different relationship here, and he would not leave him. Well, she agreed to let THEIR son Diablo stay with daddy for the year to finish up the school year, while she treks off to Cali. What will happen after the school year is over is still unknown at this point. They have 50/50. BD's fantasy world has crashed. I bet he wishes he would have instilled some boundaries with her when I told him to! hahahhahahahah.