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Beware of buying your skid new school clothes

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My jaw dropped as I listened to a coworker/friend  talk about the latest drama with her SD. My friend  isn’t interested in chat forums, but I have given her this website just in case. I’m posting her story as a warning to all of you for when you take your skid shopping for anything. I couldn’t even attempt to make something like this up:

My friend,  the SM, and her hubby took SD13 clothes shopping for school last weekend because school starts in 2 weeks. Unlike most 13 yo girls, SD isn’t really into her appearance too much. So as they were shopping, she tried on and wanted a few things that fit her properly and seemed like her style. But then she picked out a few things that were too big and not her style. She claimed she knew they were too big, but said she hopes that she could wear them in a couple months since she’s hoping to have a big growth spurt soon. They didn’t want to hurt her feelings about her size,  so they bought her 2 of the larger shirts and agreed that she can probably wear them in a couple months. Each shirt was 30 bucks. She tried getting a larger pair of shoes and a couple other things, but they said No. 

She went back to BM’s on Monday and she promised she wouldn’t wear the new clothes until school started.  WELL yesterday, when SM and hubby went to the grocery store, guess who was at the store, too? The BM. And guess what she was wearing? One of the larger shirts. They avoided BM, but they called SD and called her out on it. She giggled and said she changed her mind about liking them so she just gave them to her mom and didn’t see what the big deal was. Yeah ok...OR, it was all a big scam to begin with!  

So just beware that this could happen to you, too. 

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School starts in PA in two weeks? We have 7 weeks of summer vacation left in NY.  Sorry, not the point of your post. Just didn’t know anyone around here didn’t do the post-Labor Day schedule. 

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The boys go back starting the middle of next week. They are on a "balanced schedule" so they get a shorter summer break but longer breaks in fall, winter, and spring.

Which, by the way, sucks. Anti-Canada is cold and awful during the winter and spring breaks, so most kids get stuck inside or families have to travel somewhere decent. It also means a lot of the pools around here close during the week before Labor Day because they don't have lifeguards because they're all back in school.

I don't hate the balanced schedule, I just wish it would skew a few weeks. Let the kids out in mid-June and send them back mid-August. At least then they would get the most out of their summer. Some schools let out before Memorial Day, so even some of the pools and amusement parks aren't open yet by the time they are out!

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I like the idea of a balanced schedule like that.  I don't know where "anti-Canada" is, but there is a lot of evidence showing kids lose academic ground in the summer, especially poor kids. Here, they get out end of June and go back after Labor Day, so it's only about 2 months now, maybe a week or two longer for older kids.

In the northeast, most states start after Labor Day, so I was surprised that PA would start in August, but she's not in PA.

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That’s funny! My 3 teen daughters and I wear the same size and often borrow from each other but I would never wear something that their dad and sm bought haha 

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No, I am no longer in PA and some of the schools here are year round, with the longest break being 2 months during the summer. 

Yeah, I used to wear my mom’s clothes and Vice versa too when we were the same size. But the SD in my post likely had those clothes bought for the purpose of giving them to her mom, not just sharing. She she wanted them larger because she knew they weren’t for herself, they were for her mom who wore that size. So deceptive. 

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Lol, that would be all the school clothes SD would be receiving, she and the washing machine would be great friends by the end of the school year.

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Well, we don't have to worry about that quite yet, as there's no way BM is fitting into 5T and 6X, which would be the next sizes up for the SDs!  That is really nervy.  If I was your friend, SD would not be getting any more clothes on my dime.  

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She set you up.  There should be some punishment given to her for this, or is DH going to go DISNEY a givd her the old, don’t do that again talk. Only one ice cream bar tonight because of your lie

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As soon as I got to the part where the SD insisted on buying the too-big clothes, I knew what the twist would be. What a little scammer and what a greedy BM. I hope your friend’s husband told the little giggler that this is NOT funny and he hopes she and BM enjoy the clothes because that is the LAST shopping trip he’ll be taking SD on for a long, long time. Omg I’d be so pissed. 

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My SD doesn't take anything back to BM's house with her.  And, she isn't allowed to bring anything to our house from BM's house.  So we don't worry about this.  But a few years ago before we won custody, BM would take clothes that my MIL bought for SDs and have her other kids wear them.   So I could see her pulling something like this.

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"Here you go, SD. Here's $100 for all your new school clothes and shoes. You can decide what you want to buy and who you want to buy for, but you're not getting any additional clothing until next school year. Now go budget out your clothes and shoes. Oh, it's not enough? You don't like having to spend within a budget? Tough sh*t. Deal with it."

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Well, this is on your friend and her hubby, they really should have know better. I mean, what 13 year old picks out clothes that they won't be able to wear until they have a big growth spurt!

And at $30.00 each? Please, what were they thinking?

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No more school clothes this year for that SD.  Next year they can take her clothes shopping at Goodwill or other consignment stores.  I shop at them all the time and find great bargains.

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I used to find great stuff for SS at Goodwill and on clearance racks. He was in private school for 3 years so he needed khakis and collared shirts and I found great deals and had fun doing it.

Of course, he wasn't picky and was always grateful when I bought him stuff.

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I've got a great consignment store near me, and find wonderful bargains.  I bought 3 outfits there this winter, and paid around $60 total.  That included two pair of jeans from Talbots, and 2 shirts from Anne Taylor.  Everything was good as new, and still in style. 

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She’s called off for the whole week to move and file for a divorce. They’ve been married 2 years and she said this was the last straw. Friend said SD has  been entitled and unappreciative of anything the entire time they’ve been married, that she seems void of any emotion,  no excitement about anything  etc and that this was it. Her DH made excuses for her bad behavior of letting them buy BM clothes and then play it off like she didn’t plan it, she denies that BM put her up to it, yet, she was being secretive while texting that day by positioning her phone away from them.  She foresees nothing but problems from this teenager, her rude behavior is worse than your average teen and it’s ongoing.  She’s  decided it’s not worth it, it’s divorce time and I’m happy for her! 

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If she's reached her limit after two years, there is no sense in wasting any more of her life on this relationship.  This SD sounds like she will only get worse as she gets older.  SD is obviously deeply enmeshed with BM, and the shirt issue is just the tip of the iceberg.  I can only imagine what tricks would be up their sleeves in the future.