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I’d love to see a “where are they now” of my ex and ex-skids

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The ex and my ex Skids were all a hot mess, and I tried with everything I had to get my ex to be a better parent. And by better parent, I mean, to implement routine,  teach them manners, discipline when needed, give them basic chores , to listen to them and guide them, to not  play favorites, don’t coddle them, etc. Nope, he was their “friend” the DisneyDad. The last time I saw them, the boys were 9 and 10, and they would tell  dad to shut up if they didn’t like what was being said. And the 10 yo  threw food at his dad’s face  when his dad told him to finish his sandwich. I sat back all disengaged and decided that night that I was done. And I was. I used to correct them and intervene, but they’d sit there with these horrific frowns all the time and arms crossed, like, it scared me a few times, and dad did NOTHING.  The boys are now 13, 14. I wonder what they are like now. I did snoop recently  and saw the oldest is on FB but his account is totally private, but we all know that most FB users make their lives seem much better on social media than it really is, so I wish there could be an episode of Where are the Skids Now?  Since my exskids are still pretty young and have time to mature, I’d rather wait to watch it until they are 24/25.  But based on my last and final encounter with them, saying shut up, throwing food, I’m guessing they will grow up to be that mean spirited, too. 

Any guess at WHERE your exskids or current skids will be in life when they are in their mid 20’s?




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She guilt trips daddy to pay child support to her indefinitely to care for her 14 yr old sister which hubby pays exwife child support for already.

she ignores her dad for months till hubby contacts her, she controls the contact between hubby and sd14. Hubby can’t see or take sd14 without sd23 permission who always says sd14 is with their mum and stepdad and bio dad can’t have her.

she is a miniwife who has decided she controls my kids too and will do whatever against my wishes

ss21 also guilt trips daddy and ignores him just like his sisters unless he needs money. He has told his dad he is incapable of affection and won’t show any or be forced to, to his half siblings and has justified the shunning and emotional abuse of us as we are strangers and make him uncomfortable to say a basic hi. 

I see all skids as failure to launch, heck sd23 sat dead silent through the interview at her current job when asked questions by interviewee that hubby pulled strings for. Even then all she did was gloat she got the job but hasn’t been appreciative of it.

they blame others for everything, they manipulate others, everything is always someone elses fault... i have 2 more weeks before i move overseas with my kids and don’t have to deal with these toxic ferals

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In ten years I see my husband’s son (sorry, I don’t like to refer to him as step son, because of the “son” part. He is not and he never will be my son) right where he now is. Living with his mother doing absolutely nothing. Afraid to get out of the front door and see the world. Being an absolute sociopath. He is now refusing to go back to high school and that’s fine with his parents. Just like his mother he will never get a job. He will keep eating canned food and living on welfare. Parasiting on the tax payers, just like her. 

On the other side, that’s such a sad way to live your life. I wonder if I should just go ahead and feel pity for them both. 

I am fortunate that my husband so far is not a Disney’s dad and always puts me first. That’s what really matters, otherwise I would not stick for a minute. 

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I no longer care and have cut all ties with people who could tell me what's going on with the XH2, but the last I heard, life was not great.

It's been a couple months, but his first wife told me that the house is a contentious place. One skid cannot wait to move out. The other 2 got into a fist fight that ended up with one skid needing stitches.

I know his spending habits pretty well, so I'm sure he's strapped. But he's got a new victim who probably feels sorry for him. She probably believes his sob stories and/or is so desperate, she funds any getaways they might have.

I've heard she's a lush and it seems he has given up his cycling obsession. I think he prefers being around women with drinking problems. Maybe that's why we were doomed.

I can make predictions because I know him pretty well. XH2 will always be miserable at his core. Nothing is ever enough. His need for ego stroking, attention, money, adoration, validation, etc. is insatiable. He will eat his feelings and be on the constant hunt for all the things listed above. If he's got a really desperate woman (and I think he does), he will use her, but maybe not let her too close so she can't see how he really is (that he hates her and all women). She will just be happy for some attention and won't make too many demands. Then, when he becomes sick and can't work any longer, she'll probably support him. And his kids will have a revolving door in his home and will not launch fully for many years.

I am so glad to be rid of that crap situation.

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Last I new Spawn had moved out of town and was working in real estate (renting out low income apartments dressed up as luxury), not surprising since that's what Meth Mouth used to do before she became a full time addict. I also know she dabbles in drugs, so I figure it's just a matter of time before she fully entrenches herself in Meth Mouth's path.

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I love everyone’s updates! I don’t have any ex-skids per se but I do have a couple of Disney dads I dated back in the day who occasionally pop up on my radar. Neither relationship went anywhere due to their enslavenent to their spoiled teenagers and entitled BM’s. As far as I know both these guys are still single, not getting any younger, not saving much for retirement due to never setting boundaries around handing money to the ex. Their social lives consist of sitting at home chatting on dating sites to women they’ll never meet in person. Meanwhile I’m now married to a wonderful man who puts me first in every way, our blended family isn’t bad, our children are growing independent, and we are looking happily forward to pooling our resources and living our best lives! Living well is the best revenge!

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It's only been 5 months for me but on fathers day there was a big elaborate post from him on Facebook. Loads of pictures of him and his dd (6)  and the last one was of them kissing. Nothing wrong with that just found it a bit odd that he'd so carefully positioned the phone to capture the kiss and take the selfie mid kiss. The fact his eyes were closed made me cringe. I realised his Disney daddying is getting worse haha and such a great affirmation for me that I have done the right thing. 

Petronella I'm so glad to read your comment, am glad you have found your happiness there's hope for us all Smile

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I’m out, I laughed so hard at your update. Ewww to that Facebook post. I bet all his friends cringed at that pic other than the BM of course who probably ate it up with a spoon. 

So glad you liked my post! Im 50 years old, have been through a lot of crap in my life and couldn’t be happier today. I truly believe there is hope for all of us. 

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Haha I'm sure others did cringe, oh the madness we used to live through thank god we got out Smile

I'm so pleased for you. I think there's hope for everyone once we realise our worth and see there's much better out there for us Smile

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I would love my exH to know where DD and I are right now, because we’re doing fantastic with me having a well paid dream job, and DD having a driver’s license, a job, being a student-athlete with great grades, and just add in my awesome DH who is also a great SD to DD.

As far as my exH and his two grown adult SDs... I saw exH driving a junket pickup truck around town one day. It didn’t surprise me the least as he drained me of $10,000 in our five months of marriage and couldn’t manage his finances to save his life.

As for exH’s adult daughters - well, I assume the younger one is a nurse since I helped put her through nursing school and bought her her first stethoscope engraved with her initials. She batsh*t crazy though, so I also assume that is neither a caring nor consistent nurse, and has probably irritated more than one colleague by now.

The older one was more sane, but definitely neurotic from being raised in a nuthouse. I think she is doing well for herself. I noticed on FB that she traveled to Europe a few years ago, which I think is fantastic. Those women needed to get away from their crazy family and crazy hometown and see how the rest of the world functions.

As for their dad (exH), I assume he has been in and out of multiple relationships by now. He uses women and our money, he is an abuser (knocked me unconscious), and he is disgustingly fat and thinks he only has to lose weight to attract a woman but can get fat and still keep a woman. He is also a false Christian who twists biblical commands to fit his self-serving agenda. The only thing I ever wonder about him every other year or so is what woman he is currently conning, and since even he should realize by now that he can’t hold onto a woman, how long this one will last.

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works part time on a Girhippo's relative's smoothie truck while mooching off of his GF and her mother.  Does drugs the rest of the time. 

SD20.5 works part time at a furniture store and it is suspected is living with Battleaxe Gallactica, the Girhippo's BM.

YSS 16.5, aka the house shitter, is crater failing school via truancy and is headed for an orange suit.

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After posting this, I decided to look up the ex skids on fb. The 13 yo now has a fb and his privacy setting are public. I’m not impressed and not surprised. I am not the grammar police, but how on earth is he getting through school with his Kindergarten grammar usage? I saw a few posts where he used to word “no” instead of “know”  I.e., “I no” or “I no right”   And “our” for “are” ...”our you bringing that over tonight?”   This is the result of letting your kid play video games all day/night, this is the result of not reading books at night, this is the result of poor parenting.  This boy did not have any learning disabilities, he’s just been playing video games his entire life. 

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To be fair, I’ve seen those exact same spelling and grammar mistakes in many posts here on steptalk. 

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My X went on to spawn two out of wedlock sons with the last cheat partner she had before we divorced.  She was knocked up when she moved out but lost that pregnancy and she called me a couple of months after our divorce was final crying that she was pregnant again and didn't know what do do and that I knew her better than anyone and should tell her what to do. smh

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He wouldn't marry her for years but finally did after their second child was born. Then she got knocked up by another cheat partner while married to her geriatric Fortune 500 excecutive sugar/baby daddy who she was knob gobbling while we were married.  She had out of wedlock spawn #3 either during that divorce or not long after it was final.  Sperm donor #2 married her at some point. Not sure about her current husband status but if past schedules hold she has to be on number 6-8 by now with a gaggle more our of wedlock spawn.

Most fun to learn was that my XMIL was arrested by the Feds for embezzling $Millions from her 30+ year employer.  Her employer caught her, sued the entire family and they settled for several $Million.  My XW's share of that pay back was ~$2Mil according to a mutual friend.  As they were walking out of the final settlement hearing in Civil court the Feds arrested my XMIL. That was in 2009 and I am sure my XW is still paying her portion of the family settlement.

Couldn't happen to a more cavern crotched adulterous whore than my XW. Karma is a great thing.