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It’s official, I’m moving FAR AWAY!!

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The job was offered a few weeks ago, but it is officially mine as of today now that all of my pre-employment exams are officially completed, certs are done, and the company is now finished with the clearance checks, etc. My start date has been agreed upon. 

Ill have you know, I’m single. No more Skids and I don’t think I’ll ever date a man with kids ever again. I’m moving away from my immediate family because I see the dysfunctional relationship between my mom and my sister, your adult version of DisneyMom and her manipulative spawn. My SM saw it coming decades ago, my SM and dad tried getting sister in the right direction. But my DisneyMom ruined her back then and created an adult monster. SM and dad disengaged a looong time ago. I’m finally there myself. My absence is going to hit my mom hard, I’ve always been there to protect her from my sisters manipulative ways, but now I’m tired. Last week my mom told me she has also had enough of my sister and how she sees the games she plays. I actually considered not going thru with the move since it seemed like she was having a Come to Jesus experience. But then last night, mom was getting quotes from Lowe’s about cabinet refacing. For who? My sister’s dumpy house that she wants to sell. Why was my mom getting the estimates? I’ll never know, because I’m disengaged. I can speculate. My mom isn’t in great health and I highly doubt if she has more than 5 years left. I’m so jaded that I can’t help but to think it’ll be me who is responsible for paying for everything related to mom’s death. No Will, no pre-paid  funeral or plot, etc. When I tried getting her to get this stuff done a year ago, she turned around and bought my sister new furniture and my nephew a basketball stand/hoop for the driveway. And then “ohh I am so broke.” Uggh. I’m leaving on a sour note. This is my story of the “evil” SM calling this out 3 decades ago, and my story about how Disney parenting ruins lives, especially the child-adult on the receiving end. 

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Congratulations on new beginnings. You're doing what's best for you!

Wishing you strength, love and light!

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New job, new town, new life, new perspective of SM!

All good, I wish you many good things!

I sometimes wish I could start fresh and new...but Im stuck, so Ill just keep plugging along and hoping for the best.

Im glad you did not let your ex and skids drag you down. Your life will just continue to get better. ANd yes, do NOT date a man with kids ever again!!!! My Skid Munchkin SD13 and I were chatting and she started a sentance with "if I become a step mom" and I interrrupted with "no - you are NEVER becoming a step mom, I wont let you". LOL. We laughed because it was funny/not funny.

Cheers and happy friday!

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Congratulations on your new opportunty and on putting toxic behind you.

Stick to your guns.  Protect  yourself.  When your mom departs you may want to consider nailing your sister to pay for the arrangements since your sister has received so much from your mom that your mom cannot make arrangements for herself.

It is sad to me that your mom has not protected you by providing for herself.