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General updates

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I haven't posted in a bit, just being introspective and doing watchful waiting. 

DH has mentioned several times over the past months that he doesn't hear from his adult BKs unless they need something.  I'm glad he's seeing this, but I know the thought will fly right out of his head when he gets their attention again.  He did actually speak with older SK 26 last week. He put the phone on speaker and SK26 heard me say hello and actually asked "who's that?" In what I would describe as a disgusted tone.  DH response with my name and I couldn't help but laugh a little as I walked away. 

DH is oblivious to so much, but on the bright side BM hasn't been heard from in a bit,  so that's priceless in my book! I hope she's getting her own life. 

I'm just glad I haven't been asked to go to Stepland to visit for a while and it's been more peaceful! 

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to how bad a parent failed at... parenting. How pathetic the Kidult is.

We struggle with getting SS to call. But... the good news is, he never needs anything.  He is entirely self supporting and extremely capable of solving problems for himself.

When we talk, it is just to talk.  When we are together, it is just to spend time together.

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Why is BM involved with DH.  Unless there a major medical thing. A upcoming wedding of SK. I would not expect DH to ever talk to his ex.  Human want interaction with there kids.  Even though it's only if they want something.  It's still interactions