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StepLand Survival Guide ~ It's Here!

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I did not set out to write a book. I set out to create peace & happiness in my little corner of StepLand, to have a happy primary relationship that is our first priority, to provide a wonderful basis for the children, & to be happy. Not so, Joe. Wink Step*life intervened.

I lived, I learned. I read, I researched, I got discouraged, I disengaged, I set immovable boundaries with everyone, &, lo & behold, things got better, the sun came out, & I've found StepLand isn't such a bad place to live once you figure out the stuff that works & jettison everything that doesn't.

I sat down one day & wrote out, specifically, absolutely every little thing that I had done over the past 3 years as a stepmommy that really, honestly, consistently worked. Three weeks later, I had a book! I am a writer & a visual artist by trade & swore I would never write about StepLand. Never say, "Never." *giggle*

Honestly, I do know how bad it can get. I've been there. I do know how tough it can be. I'm still in the trenches, right next to my sisters-in-step. Wink

If you're interested in checking out my new book, *click* on this *link* or paste it into your browser & see what you think: .

I wish every one of you every success in StepLand. May you have peace, love, joy, happiness, & the freedom to be your wonderful selves!

Love & light to you, for that is what you are...Ceci