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Is summer over yet? Part 2..."Surveillance"

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I didn't write Part 2 yesterday because I decided to leave the chaos surrounding SD16 lie for a minute and try to have a great day.  I scooped up puppy and took him on work errands away from home.  I'm glad I did!  

I did leave the motion detection camera rolling in my home office, though, and was alerted 4 times to SS15 and SS10 walking in there all creepy like and aimlessly looking around.  Weird.  They know I keep a camera in there while I'm gone, so I had no problem asking, "Why are you two being creepers?  You know you are not allowed in my office while I am gone."  I got some weird answers about looking for an extension cord and checking to see what car I took (the garage is on the other side of office).  BS. What the hell does it matter what car I took?  I also left my bedroom door ever-so-slightly ajar and when I returned it was closed tight.  I asked if they had been in my bedroom and after a long pause they said they had not.  Ugh.  I chose to leave that alone for now and said, "Well, please stop going into my office.  Its creepy and I should be able to trust you to stay out of my personal areas while I am away.  If there is something you need that you think I may have in my office, please text or call me to ask permission." 

As one of you recommended on my previous blog, I am working on adding a sliding lockable barn-style door to my office. Also talked with MR. ED about completely changing my office to another room eventually.  I just find it ridiculous that SKIDS won't stay out of my stuff even knowing I have cameras and knowing all the crap I've gone through with SD16 and SD20 rifling through my things and stealing my stuff.  Its almost like they are trying to piss me off. 

If you haven't acquainted yourself with the Alfred App, I highly recommend it!  It's free and you can use an iPad or smartphone as a monitor to send alerts to watch recorded or live feeds with sound on your mobile.  You can even talk back.  Priceless!

We are considering other security camera systems for inside and outside the home.  Any suggestions, recommendations, reviews or stories to share?


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I don't know if I could put up with what you are dealing with.

Tell Mr. ED that you will not longer be the nanny/babysitter because his kids can't act right.  He can put them in camp, take time off, stop taking his summer visitation - or get divorced.  His choice.

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Absolutely this. If I feel like I have to have cameras in my home to ensure other people that live there are not stealing and/or snooping in my stuff, I will not continue to live with those people. To hell with that crap. 

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Same here - or locks on my doors to keep them from snooping.  If they can't act right, they don't come visit, or DH can take time off if he wants them there.


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I did revisit the camp idea last night, telling him next summer he will HAVE to find something for them to do during the days he is at work.  I told him I will be more than happy to help take them to and from YMCA camp (which is right down the road), but that I need that time to work at home uninterrupted and leave home to do other work tasks without worrying about my personal things.  You are right.  Its BS.  This is the first extended summer visitation they've spent with us, so I do think I will remind them today that if they want to continue this they will need to straighten up...period.  Good stuff.  Thank you!

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You aren't married, even better. Easier to get out.

The 15 yo can either get a job at your house or stay at his mother's and work there, and the 10 yo can go to camp.  They aren't your kids, so not your responsibility.

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Kids are not allowed in your office, you have cambers in your office .  Kids go into your office.  But don’t get punished?  You are just playing there game.  Puts lock on your office and bedroom doors. You have proof they do not follow household rules.  No reason Mr Ed would be unhappy with that.  Two..  you are working at home, you do not need. SK there.  If it’s ok with you, why don’t Mr Ed take them to work with him ? 

You know your real problem,  it’s not the SK, it’s SO lacking of parenting. You can try ti get them into camp now, people drop out of camp there maybe openings.  

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Yes. Since DH did not address or correct the SDs behavior, I put locks on myself. DH lost any choice in the matter due to his ambivalence.

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My ex’s daughter was a chronic liar. And I knew in order for me and my kids to live in the same house as her, we would need cameras. I remember clear as day, my friend saying, “Is that the life you want for you and your kids?” Thank God for good, honest friends to help you through the fog of life. 

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Yes, thankfully this behavior started after my BS moved out on his own.  If he were still living with us, it never would work.  As for me living with it...that's been a hard one to decide at times.  Now that I only have the one SKID full time at home and we're in the home stretch of her getting closer to moving out...I can see a different life insight without having to leave.  I can completely understand your decision to choose a better way for you and your kids, though.  Thanks for the perspective! <3