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Child support modification

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Wish us luck guys! We have the hearing on Tuesday at 9am. And she doesn't have a clue and won't be there to tell the court why child support should not be reduced. She makes 7x what my husband makes! I bet she's going to wish she had picked up the certified mail we sent her informing her of the court date and all the financial info. But she said "I don't have time to be running all over town for you". Dumbass.

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Wow-good luck!!! Does she have valid reasons why it wouldn't get reduced, (if she actually bothered reading her mail and showed up?).

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She gets a 10-99 instead of a W-2 so she likes to jack with the numbers to make it look like she makes less than she does. And it is possible that her "poor single mom me" song and dance might work. Always depends on the judge in the end. I just hope it goes good. We scrounge every month while she lives like a damn queen.

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I **love** using certified mail. DW is pretty weak-kneed when it comes to handling her ex-husband, but I did at least convince her to send stuff certified so that we have proof that he was notified of things (summer visitation weeks, etc.). DW is always very derferntial towards her ex, and is very accomodating of his ridiculous demands, but she has learned to allow herself a little satisfaction in making the ex run to the post-office to pick up the certified letter.