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Can I represent my husband in court?

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Without getting too into detail, he is in special training for the next 6 months that makes it impossible for him to travel to BMs state and attend court. I generally do all the paperwork and know all the ins and outs. We can't afford an attorney to represent him. Am I allowed to do it for him? It is for parenting time modifications only. We don't want to wait until he is done with training because with the current order he won't be able to visit the kids on the weekends as the order currently states and if we wait to go to court after his training is over then he will have to wait for all the court crap before the modification allows him parenting time he can actually participate in. That will probably take another 6 months. And no way is the ex going to work with him.

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I dont really know, but call your local courts and just ask them. They should be able to tell you.
Good luck!

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I don't think you could either. I know in our state/county he would need to at least appear by telephone. And in special circumstances the court allows it, so I would check into that. Even if he had an attorney, he would need to be there either physically or telephonically -- depending on the state rules. I just know in the state I live in, those are the rules.

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No. You definitely cannot. This is called practicing law without a license and you can and will be prosecuted and probably fined. I know it is frustrating but you are NOT a party to this action and therefore you cannot act "pro se" on your hubby's behalf. He will need to represent himself, or hire and attorney.

However the above is not correct either. If he had an attorney he might not have to appear. This is a local court rule that a licensed attorney can explain.