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Anyone else see video games as a blessing in disguise

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So think of me of evil but when Step brat13  became interested in Video games I was overjoyed. Why? Because up intill that point SS13 was not only up DH ass 24/7 wanting to be entertained/attention , Extremely rude to me and super annoying loud screaming through the house chasing the dogs. SS is still rude but at least now he’s Engrossed with video games on his phone so I can Actually have a conversation with DH without SS getting jealous and interrupting me Constantly and the screaming running through the house is less. 

Honestly I wish the little monster would spend the whole time on his phone paying games but I’ll settle for 4-6 hours a day. 

Of course BM complains at SS’s therapy appointment that he plays video games. BM has NO life so she’s a Classic helicopter parent and wants to Create this perfect little world for her perfect little angel. BM always bitches about SS “Social growth” as she calls it. She wants him to have lots of perfect friends and wonderful experience and this does NOT include video games. Luckily SS is a spoiled brat and listens to no one and does what he wants.

So my situation may not be perfect BUT it is better. Here we are almost half way through the weekend and SS just now is looking for daddy to entertain him. I was able to have coffee this morning with DH and do some yard work together without Step brat complaining daddy was not giving him Undivided attention. 

So LOVING this new found freedom and hope it lasts! 

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I don't know... I think it's a temporary blessing but I do get annoyed when SS is on it all day. He half asses his schoolwork just to hurry up and play so it's frustrating. But I can see your point too lol. Sometimes we just need a break, and that's when I run to the bathroom and hide lol.

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It's a mixed blessing. I did enjoy when SS would just be gaming in his room, because when DH shut off his games, he'd be in the living room, which was my space. He wasn't a bad kid, but I'm an introvert and I need my space. We have a small house and the only other choice was the bedroom.

BUT, once he started refusing to come over because we had rules (and BM alienated him), he gradually fell so deep into the video game hole that he's now 20 and has no job, school or life pretty much, other than video games.  So video games more or less ruined his life.

I think video games are here to stay - but parents have to monitor them and teach kids to limit themselves, especially the ones that show signs of addictive behaviors (as my SS did).


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I can’t remember when he went up to his room to play or just hang out. Been YEARS. Yes it would be wonderful if he did retreat to his room as he’s always listening in on everything and has no problem making a rude comment when he feels like it. But honestly I’m happy that I get what I get as just a year ago it was non stop “all about SS” 24/7

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Electronic babysitter. But, like any addiction, it is a temporary fix and could lead to more problems down the road. I would say use it to get some relief from bad behaviors but if the root causes aren't addressed, you could end up with him still sitting there in that exact same spot when he's 30. But BM does sound extreme. They pretty much all play them at that age, to some degree. 

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My AARP-aged "child" has discovered digital games, and is really slacking around the house as a result. Even when he is supposedly doing a task, I find him "taking breaks" to play. Very annoying.

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I personally think that the disadvantages outweigh their benefits.  Yes it certainly keeps them out of your hair which is great but also kids now are so engrossed in them that it is stunting their growing up and having any drive or ambition to get jobs, make friends, have a social life, get out of the house at get fresh air or launch! A large majority of kids are even more immature than the real age because of these stupid games for one.

The alternative however if it was mine or if I had control over any skids would still to not be up my dh's ass but instead requirements to get out of the house, make friends or go and get a job. Even kids younger than 16 can find something to work-wise if not at your home. Mow neighbors yards for money, pick up litter, help out neighbors or friends parents with things, etc to prepare them for real life.   Or if nothing else get out and ride their bike, play on the basketball court, etc. 

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DH Suffers from divorce guilt daddy Syndrome as I like to refer to. SS is also a Manipulating little shit and knows Exactly what buttons to push to get daddy dearest to cave in. Even if DH could tell SS to go play outside or up in his room for 1 hr a day ALONE so I could talk to DH without SS Interrupting or adding some rude comment this would not be a problem. SS even refuses to go to bed before DH so SS is up till 11 or 12 at night. So I don’t even get Quiet time after SS goes to bed like other kids. My only saving grace is MOST of the time SS sleeps till 10 or 11am so I get Quiet time early in the morning with DH before he gets up 

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I think it's unfair that our generation of parents (us) have been forced to parent an entire generation of little addicts.

Parenting is hard enough.

Add addiction into the mix, and it's regularly a sh!tstorm.

All 3 of our kids are addicted to gaming. It's a losing battle.

I see this all coming to a head in one of two ways. Either:

1. The gaming will help them as adults in an e-world


2. Powers that-be will recognize how Apple and other industries are profiting from creating addicted children, and there will be regulations placed on games just as they were placed on alcohol and cigarettes 


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If SS was NORMAL or DH had balls to Discipline the brat the answer would be no. The ONLY Peace I get is when that brat is on either his phone or Xbox playing video games. Otherwise he is running around the house making weird LOUD animal noises Irritating me and Tormenting the animals. Or up DH ass following him around saying “now what” meaning play/entertain me 24/7. Up until SS discover video games I NEVER had a chance to talk to DH when SS was over as SS insisted in getting daddy’s Undivided attention the whole time. So again yes I LOVE when SS plays video games as the Alternative is hell.