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Call me Cynical but intill step Demon got into video games my life was hell

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I see most people on here hate their steps playing video games. I on the underhand LOVE it. Why??? Well intill step demon at age 12 took a Interest in video games my life was pure hell when he came for his visitation. From the time the brat crossed to front door till he left SS13 was up DH ass 24/7 for attention. SS13 was Physically unable to entertain himself without daddy. In the evening we had to watch what SS wanted on tv or I would have to go upstairs by myself and watch on a small tv in the bedroom. SS refused to go to bed before daddy so I could not even get an hr before bed alone time with DH. SS was rude and Disrespectful to me, ran screaming through the house Scaring all our pets and Smashing into things. Our whole parenting week Revolved around what step demon wanted to do. PURE HELL.


Then video games got step demons attention. Now when SS13 comes over he plops himself in front of the Xbox and does not move for hours. SS also stays up late playing video games so he sleeps in till noon so I get the WHOLE morning with Peace and quiet. I can Actually Have full conversations with DH without Step Demon getting jealous in rudely interrupting. I can Actually tolerate SS13 visits now as he spends most of his time in front of the tv. Yes it would have been better if DH would just Discipline SS and teach him the world DOES NOT Revolve around him but that topic is hopeless never gonna happen. 

So for the time being I've got my fingers crossed SS will NOT lose interest in video games intill he moves on to girls. 

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I get the appeal. However, the long term downside and risk is huge.  If this failed family breeding mistake can't engage in the real world he won't ever launch.

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Video games have nothing to do with this. Both DH and BM coddle and spoil SS to to point he does nothing for himself. DH knows I except SS at 18 to start paying rent something I know BM will not do and no way will SS agree to this. So how will I Reinforce this??  I should say I'm the one with the money NOT DH. One thing my mother taught me was always keep your money separate with I have.  DH has so much divorce Debt from BM dragging him to court he could never afford our house without me.  

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I'm with you in this one. I used to be banished to the bedroom all weekend, now skids love video games and they play them constantly. Used to be all Over daddy the whole wknd and the lounge room was a play pen. Now they hang in their room all day long. Bliss. 

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Or worse yet trying to find something to do outside the house every time step demon was over! Im not as lucky as you in the fact SS NEVER hangs out in his room. I even for Christmas got him a 32 in smart TV with PS4 for his room In hopes he would then spend at least a couple hours in him room. Nope been three years and SS never once even turned to tv on. Oh well I still can't complain as SS spends about 80 percent of his time playing video games. The other 20 percent is still demanding daddy's Undivided attention but hey I'll take it