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There’s something lazier than playing video games

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Watching videos of other people playing video games. Found out that OSS is spending double-digit hours per day watching other people play. Not to learn anything, just as entertainment. 

I do not enjoy sun bathing or binge-watching shows so sitting inert for many hours...I can't wrap my head around that in any way. 


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I think both my SSs do this...they also sit and watch videos of other people doing things outside...instead of actually going to do things outside. 

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She did that a few years ago. Never understood it and it drove me nuts.

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My grandson was paid by people watching him play.  I can't figure out how that works.  Thankfully, he has grown out of that phase.

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I mean, people watch sports all the time and don't play. I don't see much of a difference.

Then again, I watch other people play games. Sometimes they have funny commentary. Usually I'm interested in the game's story but I royally suck at games. There's typically more to it than just watching others play, very similarly to how there is culture around various sports.

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But I don't like to sit and watch sports either. I'm also a person who can watch a movie in half hour increments (I am the only person I know who does this and is fine doing it). But I can exercise, read, cook, bake, and work for long periods of time so I do some long duration things. 

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Then your issue isn't with the video games. That's not the piece that is lazy. Your issue is that OSS doesn't apply himself anywhere (except maybe school), and now he has found a way to do ever less than before by having someone else do a fun task for him.

I am making the distinction here because it's not the fault of video games or content creators. It's a failing of OSS and/or his parents that he has no drive to take care of himself or grow a skill or have an engaging hobby that requires work, thought, etc. 

I'm making the distinction, too, because I think it gets to be too easy to blame video games or content creators for the laziness of kids and young adults. It's a form of entertainment that has a time and place. It's not the reason kids are lazy; that's on parents and/or enablers who allow that.

Your kind of entertainment isn't better than video games. It's just different.

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I'm not against video games. And, I'm not even against people watching other people play for entertainment or to get info/help. The fact I don't get it doesn't mean it's wrong. Co-workers and I have had conversations about how its interesting that different things speak to different people. For example, one guy loves tennis but abhors running. Our wonder was why one thing is interesting to a person and they would pursue it with gusto, but would rather sleep on broken glass than do the other thing.

And it is the failing of parenting and now OSS as an adult that he isn't taking care of himself (note his recent snits about meds and diet). It's the amount of time he spends watching, which is in the mid-teens of hours per day every day, and not finding more interests or things to do.

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Yeah, it's common for gamers to watch other gamers, as Lt.Dad said, it's like watching people play sports.

For 10+ hours a day, though? That seems excessive.

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Millions of people do this. That's why there are very successful YouTube gamers out there with millions and millions of views. Now the amount of time people spend gaming...different story. 

I use to game in my early 20s so I get some of the idea of time consuming. I was also working 40+ hours a week but my ex was a gamer and I turned into one while with him. I worked first shift he worked second so I would come home from work and game. Most of the people I played with were 3 hours time difference so I would be up late with them. Honestly sometimes I miss playing it but, that's what growing up is about lol. 

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Meh my bs5 loves to watch other people open toys and play. SS does too and he has ADHD so I think it's wild he struggles at school but does fine with this. Lazy parenting is letting it get to the double digits in length though.