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Day Care issues revisited .. of course!

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Skids are coming to live with us full itme for the summer starting on May 22 Biggrin . BM is disenrolling them from school 3 weeks early because she is being stationed in our state and has to relocate.

Skids will be attending the same day care they did last year with us. Now that SD5 is old enough, she will be enrolled in the day care's "summer camp" program, which includes field trips 1x a week. Both of the skids are extremely excited Smile

BM is throwing a fit demanding all types of information. She wants to know methods of transportation, kid to adult ratio, emergency contact information, locations, dates, and times of all field trips, etc. Until she gets this info, she is refusing to pay her half of the registration fee.

I get it. I would want to know that stuff too. Except BOTH kids were in this day care last year. SD6 was in this summer camp program last year. Nothing has changed at the day care, as DH tried to explain to her. There were no issues, and BM had no complaints/concerns about it last year. The field trip schedule isn't even prepared until late April (program actually starts in mid-June).

So now it's an issue. Of course. DH is acting like he's shocked that this was her reaction. I can't say that I am. Where there's a sliver of potential for drama or fight, BM will find it and exploit it. Sad

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That's what I suggested. DH is planning to scan/email the information packet he received today and tell her to direct any additional questions directly to the day care.

It's just annoying that something that SHOULD be so simple is made into a huge ordeal. I'm really working on trying to not stress about these things .. and let them be HER issues, not ours.

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He will sign them up and pay no matter what. The day care director has a great relationship with DH (her son is also a cop on at the same department).

It's just the hassle that exists for no real reason .. other than BM's willingness and desire to create drama where it wouldn't normally exist. For the sole purpose of making DH's life more difficult.

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Getting info is not a stipulation to paying her half of the costs. She can easily call the center herself, she is just being a royal "B". I'd let her know the phone number and the cost, and if she doesn't pay you can add that to your list of contempt.

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I think DH will send her the information he recieved, and then direct her to the day care directly.

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Thank you!

He does not pay CS to BM when the skids are living with him full time. Their agreement is set up that way.

We will be revisiting CS altogether in a few months .. so hopefully he won't be paying it all anymore!