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DH's open house adventures .. round 2

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Wednesday night was SD5's kindergarden orientation. DH attended on his own and met the appropriate people, got the info, etc. BM showed up with SD5; they didn't speak but he hung out with SD5 for a while and met some other parents and then headed home.

Today is the school-wide open house for SD7, which he's at right now. BM shows up with her mom, BF, and both skids. When skids spot DH, they immediately take off running to greet him. She walks up with her little entourage in tow and says, "Oh, where's SMof2Girls? I thought she'd want to be here for this."

DH replied, "I was under the impression that this was an event for parents; not meet the family night at summer camp" and walked away with skids in hand. BTW, "meet the family night" is a real event at the end of skids' summer camp where extended families are invited for a 2 hour meet and greet type thing that BM refuses to attend every year.

LOL I can imagine how pissed she is .. and I'm sure she'll up her charades in front of the staff/teachers/parents. How embarrassing for her }:)

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I'm surprised he said anything actually. He typically just ignores her and pretends not to hear her lol Smile

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DH could care less about seeing the ex's BF. The BF is actually a decent guy from what we've been able to tell from our limited interactions with him and from what the skids tell us.

I don't attend because it gets BM all worked up and that's not drama I care to invite into my, my DH's, or my skids' lives. The events SHOULD be about the skids .. and that's why DH goes. To get the info he needs, see the kids, meet the parents/teachers, and to be on his way.

BM never fails to put on a show when she knows DH will be around. She ups her game when she thinks I'll be there too. The fact that I don't care and don't show gets under her skin big time.

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Good for him.....I think it should just be the bio's....Why add to that chaos with people that are not raising the kids and supervising the homework...

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Agreed. I get that people feel like they have a right to be there because they might help with homework or attend school functions, but seriously, these things are information dumps. It's not intended for every adult involved in the kid's life in any capacity to show up and be counted.

I doubt any of the teachers care about meeting SD7's mom's boyfriend. Or SD5's grandmother. It's all irrelevant.

DH said the place was packed and he got out as quickly as he could without ditching the girls. He got the info he needed and met the teacher in the first 15 minutes and headed outside with the skids to play on the playground for a little while.

On a positive note, he said both of the teachers seemed really awesome. SD7's teacher is a young man who assured DH that he's familiar with working with divorced families and will do everything he can to keep both parents informed. Smile

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I think he said the right thing and both of you are doing the right thing. I'm glad for the SKs that BMs BF seems to be a good guy.

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Thank you! I don't know why, but I'm glad both skids' teachers are men. I get the impression they'll be easier to deal with .. I could be wrong and way off base, but I just have a good feeling about this year Smile

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Men are traditionally "hands off" when it comes to personal stuff like that, I think women tend to get more invested.