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OT - Movie Unforgettable is pro step mom

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Dh and i went to see it last night. I thought it was a 'single white female' or 'fatal attraction' kind of movie at first and it kind of is but it revolved around a step situation.

The SM started off like most of us, trying to be nice and not ruffle feathers, but the SM caught on later in the movie. You even go through the movie thinking the DH is a total waste but he actually does come through in the end.

As we all know, the BM is a total psycho. I liked the movie. I think i could have waited to see it on tv but it was a nice get out of thd house movie. And it was fantastic not to see SM portrayed as evil as normal. I think the director and a lot of the writers have to be SMs.

Has anyone else seen the movie?


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No, but I will now try and watch it, on your positive recommendation. As you say, not many films portray step mothers in anything but a negative light.

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I saw the's not really my kind of movie, but I still want to go see it. Smile

I've recommended this film before - but check out the Indie film MAGGIE'S PLAN for one of the best, most realistic/sympathetic depiction of being a stepmom that you'll ever see. It's Greta Gerwig married to Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore is the ex-wife. Spoiler alert...Maggie (the SM) realizes she romanticized this dude and regrets getting married, so she hatches this plan to get him back with his ex so she can leave guilt-free. I know that part isn't realistic at all, but it is hilarious...and the way they depict being a stepmom, especially the DH dumping all kid duties onto his new just spot on.

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Oh, really? I think she's utterly delightful. I used to find her annoying, too, when she was being cast in roles that dumb guys / indie writer-directors wrote for her...but she's writing her own stuff now, and everything I've seen in that vein has been terrific. Check out: FRANCIS HA, MISTRESS AMERICA, and MAGGIE'S PLAN. She's much better and more real when she has a say in her own character...much less "indie darling cutesy" than her other work.

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I'm still waiting for Daddy's girl (or little girl)..... so now I have to remember this name as well?