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Is your life a Lifetime movie?

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After explaining to a friend of mine everything that's been going on with all the drama with the BM and what not, she says to me, "Your life sounds like a movie on Lifetime." I actually busted out laughing and agreed with her. It totally could be one.

What do you think? Do you think your life with all the craziness could become a Lifetime movie? Why or why not?

I just need to come up with what I would title it! haha!

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In my previous relationship, definitely. It was insanity. The anxiety over what unbelievable crap BM would pull next and how my ex was going to just roll over and take it and expect me to fund it.... yeah.... no. I put an early curtain on that show. But, that set me up to have clear boundaries and expectations with DH, so now, not at all, Thank God! If it were like that, we wouldn't have gotten married.

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I seriously think about writing a book sometimes, but then I think that everyone would realize what an idiot I am for staying for DH and that would just be embarrassing.

I don't know how much more Lifetime TV you can get - 1. get pregnant on accident 8 years into first marraige, 2. totally healthy as a horse husband gets diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was 4 months pregnant 3. fight to have him taken home to die after two months in intensive care 4. husband dies four days later 5. have the baby on my own and suffer from INSANE postpartum depression (thank god for my mom - she lived with me for a year) 6. Buy my first house on my own and move 2 hours away from my family. 7. meet DH a year later and fall completely head over heels for him (everyone agrees he looks alot like my DH) 8. get married on a trip to Ireland (that was my dream trip after first husband died) six month after meeting DH - yep really stupid. 9. Spend the next nine months dealing with his insane ex wife, his drinking,and his kids. 10. DH walks away from marriage (or at least I guess he is) over my request not to have BM's nephew at my house for six months. Seriously - there should be a Lifetime movie and it should be called Stupid in Southern California or What happens when a Smart Successful Girl meets an Idiot and his Lazy Ex-wife.

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Forgot to add that I was told the baby might have Down's Syndrome after my first ultrasound, which took place downstairs from my first husband's hospital bed and while he was being placed on life support. She is fine though - luckily. Actually, I think there is too much to this plot to be a Lifetime movie, lol. No one would find it realistic, but it actually happened to me.

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No, that would be a full blown motion picture!

Wow, that's crazy all that happened. What happened to your husband while being pregnant - I commend you. That must have been really hard.

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Thanks - it was hard. Although I was able to fulfill all of my first DH's wishes. I got him home on life support and took care of him until he died. Then I organized and paid for almost fifty of my family, his family, and his friends to rent homes in Yosemite and spread his ashes on the first day of spring at the top of a mountain that it takes 8 hours to hike to. 20 of us made it and we spread ashes in a meadow for the other 30. Sometimes when the new DH and his evil ex are really getting me down, I have to remind myself how strong I am and how little all this nonsense really means in the grand scheme of things.

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Redsonya-----All I can say is WOW you are a servivor. Hugs to you and that guy of yours better watch out. Does he have any idea what a strong forceful woman he is dealing with???

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He has no idea. He knows what I went through and he depends on me totally, but I've been such a push over being used to my wonderful first DH and trying to get my head back together. I put up with WAY too much from second DH. I just drew my line in the sand last week and we'll see where it goes. I have figured out that I am way too much woman for this creampuff and there are better men out there.

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lol - I should also add that DH has not worked much since we got married. Every cent he gets goes to child support and he has literally contributed a total of $1200 and two grocery trips to the household (with three of his kids coming over every other weekend) in the last nine months. I paid $6,000 of his child support while his BM works part time and paid close to $5000 in additional vehicle/business expenses. Just one of MANY reasons I am so mad at myself. I am really lucky that I got the big work bonuses last year or we (DD3 and I) would be in trouble.

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Redsonya, reading your story brought tears to my eyes! Unbelieveable the things you have had to endure and overcome. If Dh can't realize his ex's nephew has no business in your relationship, he's an idiot!
If my Dh even suggested bringing an ex-nephew into our home, I'd blow a gasket!! What in the heck is he thinking??
You've got your stuff straight, I'd give that loser a size 7 boot to his arse to help him to the curb! My Dh is beside me right now and he says as a guy "somethings up"

Blessings to you and your little angel! Good Luck.