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A.C.O.D. - Rags' Review

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Well, I watched A.C.O.D.  Not a bad movie... but pathetically naive.

My take away is that the writers/director are of the opinion that family is family. I completely disagree.  Toxic POS eternally juvenile breeders that are so toxic that they ruin the lives of their children need a bullet in the head before they breed.

The prime character should have written off both of his pathetic BPs and maintained only a relationship with his brother.  Mom and dad should have been complete write offs for Gary and his brother.

But no, the writers made those two adult sons maintain a toxic, pathetic relationship with the BPs that is a detriment to the lives of the brothers.





I am truly blessed that my parents are adults of character.


I did win the parent lottery. Unlike the main character and his brother.


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Oh this is a real movie? Dang I just thought we were writing our own pathetic movie about stephell. Lol!

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if the  the kids were well adjusted and they were happy that their respective parents had moved on and found love. Pass on that, dysfunction sells...and of course the evil character is the SM. If only she didnt take daddee away.

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that's right...I said it.

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It is the whole mommy and daddy hated each other, destroyed the life of their oldest son who protected his  younger brother thing.  Then... after decades of vitriolic hate big brother gets mom and dad together for a wake up call to knock their shit off for little brother's upcoming wedding.

Mom and dad start fucking like rabbits both cheating on their long term spouses.  Step dad is a good guy, SM is a controlling witch.

Big bro can't commit to his long time GF because of his parental baggage.

There is a watershed moment when they all end up back at the family lake house (Mom, Dad, SDad, SM, bro1, bro2) there is a massive screaming match, the house gets burned down when bitchy SM unknowingly throws her cigarette in a trashcan full of gasoline soaked family pictures, etc... that big bro was about to burn to purge it all from his life.

Big bro buys the burned down property because the memories of his childhood weren't so bad after all.

Flash forward a year. Dad, big bro & little bro are sitting on a picnic table wearing Tuxedos.  They have a moment, dad proves himself a lecherous horn dog, they all walk into the church for what appears to be big bro's wedding.

It was nauseating.  I was grumbling at the screen the whole time.

The End.