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A Monster Calls

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I am currently watching this Netflix flick.

Scenario - a troubled COD (12yo) British kid has a mother fighting cancer, an absent father who lives in LA and has a new family (wife and baby), and has to live with his Maternal GM.  GM is stuffy and a PITA, mom is sick, sick, sick, dad is pathetic.

The kid is getting bullied at school and is an artsy type.  He is visited in his sleep by a Monster tree who will tell him three stories and then the kid must tell the Monster a story which must be the kid's truth.

I was firmly on team kid until he got bratty and broke his GM's hundred+ YO clock on purpose.

So far, the jury is out on this kid and all of the players.

I am guessing mom dies, GM does not turn out to be all that bad, and dad will have some redemption.

A well made movie... so far.


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This is an excellent movie and really speaks to the processing of grief and guilt. I hope you finished it because the ending ties it all together!

Thanks for mentioning this was on Netflix. I haven't seen it in a few years, but it's timely for me to watch it again. Making some popcorn and grabbing the kleenex, a good cry is in order and this is just the ticket!lol