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I had to share this with you all.... SD watches a move in Child Psych about "Blended Families"...

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She said the movie was current, yet so out of reality she couldn't believe it. The main message of the movie was to remember...


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Look, I know I'm mostly rainbows and butterflies... but this had me even wanting to rip my ears off. Luckily I didn't see it or I'd be typing blind after ripping my eyes out too.

I asked her if it was for Pooper Scooper... but she said no one brought that up!!

And one more happy note from the movie... they addressed PAS by saying that sometimes parents use other parents to "spy" on each other and the little girl told her parents to stop!! And another little girl said, "whoo... I have to try that!!" All better!

I asked who the audience for this Oscar winner was supposed to be, and she said it was intended for parents and steps and ex'es to watch with the kids!! Now there's a fun happy popcorn night!

Wow. That's all I can say...


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Wow, that's hilarious! Wait, or is it depressing as sh*t?


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Aw, the joy of lame high school psych movies... Oh, wait, they're still lame in college....

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It was probably written, produced and directed by someone who believes they know how things SHOULD be, but has no clue whatsoever about how things really are. Someone who has probably either never married or had children in the first place OR someone who has never had to deal with the whole step-relationships.


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I think you are right Onehappy girl... It just made me wonder what the kids who know the truth of the situation felt like watching that movie. I was worried the movie is actually hurting those kids because NO family is like that!

The class has about 12-15 kids in it. 5 raised their hand to say they were in a step-situation. So about 1/3 of the class ...

SD's opening quote to tell it to me was "I watched the gayest, well, not gay, because that's not the right word... the most asexual movie about stepfamilies today." She had her wording wrong, but I know she meant delusionally happiest, most inept movie!

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