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Inspired by Juanita the chicken transitioning into Juan the rooster. Bringing you Therians.

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By the way, thanks for that lol CLove.

I was tracking a Step subreddit. A kid posted on an abusive SM scorching her scalp with a hair drier as a young child and being sneekily abusive.  

I commented advising the kid to tell her school in invoke the mandatory reporter process.  She declined and commented that her dad and family would not be supportive of any consequences for SM because she came as out...get this... a non binary therian.

FTF is a therian one may ask? I had to look it up.


- Therians, also known as therianthropes, are people who identify, in some intrinsic way, as an animal that exists or has existed on Earth [2].
- They believe that they have a connection to a specific animal species and may experience shifts in their identity, which led to the coining of terms like phantom shifts and mental shifts [2].
- Therians may identify with any living or extinct animal species, although wolves and felines are more common due to the historical connection between humans and these animals [2].
- Some therians use terms like contherian and suntherian to describe the degree to which they experience shifting [2].


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I've learned something today ...

I learned about furries recently. Other than the scritching part I heard on a CSI episode, I had   no idea there were furry communities. I'm not dissin the furries, I just didn't know it was a thing. 



To quote a movie I loved "I'm too old for this shit" 

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How does one "come out" as a therian, as it's not like you become the animal, right? It's more like someone's "spirit animal," which to me sounds like more Native American cultural appropriation. My brain hurts. So much fantasy in order to escape the painful, boring real world. 

(Have you noted on Reddit how many horrifically abused young people and suicidal people are are on there? It is concerning!!)

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64% of Redditors are between the ages of 18 and 29 (and I bet there's another large chunk of underage users on there... so lots of young people. 

Some of the subreddits are dumpster fires. I lurk and read breakingmom. So many posts of "I am pregnant with our 3rd baby, my husband is cheating on me and we have no money. We live in our parents basement and the dog we just got bit my 2 year old in the face (cry)" 

I don't ever post or respond to these, just read. There's not enough common sense in the world to impart on some of these people. Smdh.

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Ok, therian aside. What does that have to do with reporting child abuse? The kid is still being harmed.

I'm all for people living their authentic life, I really am. But some of it I don't understand.

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I was mindswaggled by her response to me. For sure abuse is abuse.  Report it.

On living ones authentic life.  I'm not sure how one can be authentically therian?  Made up bullshit isn't authentic.


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Wow @rags...I am not really sure that this SKID may be reliable to believe 100%...seems a bit crazy to me. Sometimes read the signs or just listen to what crazy is saying. I am 50/50 on whether her SM did what she said she did. 

One follow up for the SKID therianthrope - does she have fur or hair? Maybe sidetrack the allegations - if it were up to my SKIDs I am certain they would tell a very different tale from reality. 

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Im thinking this "retreat from reality" is a way to escape abuse that is in actuality happening.

We as stepparents get such a bad rap, that the nice ones are obliterated by the bad. But there are some really bad ones out there too, hence the reputation.

As to the new thing, Ill have to read up on it Glad you liked my sarcasm, and also glad that husband is agreeing with me in the need to re-home the 'Roo.

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Mental health struggles are valid, it sounds like a way to disassociate from the abuse is to create an alternative reality for themselves…didn’t we use to call these multiple personalities back in the day?  Regardless of who or what this person wants to be it sounds like the abuse is taking a toll on them mentally.

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This is a sign that we, as a society, have very few struggles or real problems. We're not in a "world war" thank God - not advocating for that. Most aren't starving or freezing to death. Childbirth has become a lot safer along with many other medical advances. We're not hunting the sabre tooth tiger or wooly mammoth, so most of the population has their basic needs met and plenty of "freedom from worry" to indulge in this delusional BS.

And that's what it is. Utter BS.


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Not saying this is the case with the OP on Reddit, but I do think that a lack of problems or things to worry about has just turned a lot of people in this country into jerks. They don't have any real problems to be concerned with so they make a big deal over every little nothing in their lives because they are essentially bored.