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Arrest Record

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So is there really any free site to find out someones arrest record. Apparently SS just got arrested but he keeps changing the story as to why he was arrested. And apparently he was arrested back in 2013. I found the case number on that but can’t find a site to tell me what it was about.

I have tried all kinds of sites but once you put in all the info, they want you to put in a credit card. I don’t want to know that bad. lol


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Go to your county or state's court records site (the actual official government site). You can usually type in a first and last name and it will bring up their charges, judgement, and sometimes even the filings made by the attorneys and judge. Not every county has gone electronic, of course.

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Yikes Willow, I thought the military had straightened him out. I'm so sorry. Does your DH know?

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Yea...he knows. He does not know about the one from 2013. I found that one while trying to snoop on this one. UGH. Im not going to tell him either. Unless I find out it is for something really bad.

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I just Google BM's name and where she lives, and I have found all her arrests, court appearances, etc.

Currently she's been arrested 7 times since 2014. The only ones we don't get decent info on are the mental health holds.

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My DH has a beenverified account if you want to run it. Doesn't cost him any more a moth to run other people.

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urg you Americans are so lucky..... we do not have a site like this, cause no one gets arrested in this country...

yeah they catch you with something illegal, you give them moola or KFC and it's all good and gone.. no records...

Oh if you rape or kill some one, your bail is 5US...... if you do not pay a fine your bail is 20US....

We have this stupid thing about TV licenses... regardless if the TV is working or not, not paying your annual fee - you are fined 20US.... I've decided as soon as the inspector knocks on my door, I will kill him... it's cheaper I will only pay 5US.....