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I just got my first pay check for 2013. Really? ARRRGGG. What is wrong with our government?

My household income just went down by over $2500.00 a year. (That counts DH's income as well)

WTH are they spending this money on???!! I am so mad. I really did not think it was going to be this much.


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I know what you mean. I got mine yesterday. The difference in my pay, alone, will bring our household income down by $1368.00/year.

As far as what they're spending the money may be my personal loathing for abused entitlement programs, but I haven't heard of any spending control going on there. :?

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I JUST found out that not all states share records so people can double-dip on the entitlement programs!! NO WONDER!

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It is exactly what it was before the Bush Tax Cuts...They just need to extend them again and they can not agree. Idiots!

Curiously did you vote for the guy? I am seeing this all over Facebook and none of the ones complaining voted for the guy. I still can't figure out who the hell did????

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I did not vote for the guy, & I also cannot figure out who did. As many people as I've heard complain & as many as I've heard deny voting him in, I can't help but believe some are just too ashamed to admit they did.

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We live so frugally right now, that I am not sure what I am going to do. We will have to stop putting so much into retirement and savings I guess. ARRGGG.

I LOVE being frugal. But not being forced to be frugal.

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It was the social security tax... we were previously under a 2% payroll tax cut, taking it down to 4.2%. The tax cut expired and it went back up to 6.2%. And we're feeling it too... between my DH and I, it's $50 per week. $2600/year.

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Got my first check today as well, and just want to cry.....especially since the union that I am in has had no contract for almost 2 years now, so long timers like me that are off step, haven't gotten a raise in almost 2 years. ARGH

Oh and I would really like to smack the stupid out of everyone that voted for our illustrious piece of crap leader.

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Yeah I'm out a ton too. Plus my company doesn't give raises (hasn't for the 2 1/2 yrs I've worked here) except to upper management due to "budgetary cuts"...even though one of our SR VP's left, opening up 100K in his salary alone.

This sucks ass and NO I didn't vote for the guy (voted for the other one last election too!)

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My husbands check is down $40 a week. Now we get to live even more broke then we were before!

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I received my check today and to be honest I was really surprised. Based on what some of you all said at the beginning of the year, I thought I'd be seeing a huge decrease. Fortunately, I'm only going to see a reduction <$500 a year. But I also claim single 1, instead of married 2. So that may be why I'm not seeing the hit on my checks.

I believe this would have happened regardless if it was Obama or Romney as president. Our elected officials on the federal level are mostly about party lines and lining their own pockets and not about common sense or working together. It's very frustrating to me and I've been having a very difficult time voting for anyone these last 16 years or so.

Which is why I'm not affiliated with any party. I vote for who I think will do the best job, I don't care if they a republican or democrat. As long as they can get the freaking job done!

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I know there were a number of issues reported with malfunctioning machines, etc. There were also reports of people hauling mentally challenged people to the poles & being told who to vote for, & others who were collected like herds & hauled to the poles with promises of free food, etc in exchange for their votes.

Fore him have gotten the majority of the votes & no one knows of a person who voted for him...yeah, it sounds like there was something aside from ethical voting going on.

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I know a lot of people who voted for him and they're all pissed that their taxes went up. It was quite ok with them that he wanted to raise the taxes on some people, but now that their taxes went up, they're all up in arms.

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And the sad news is I heard on the local business journal that our heath care cost will be going up from 40-100% depending on the state you live in, even if your employer supplies it now, their cost is going up significantly by July.

I am already on a very tight budget. Sad

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Yep. We got notice of changes in our insurance rates as soon as the Obamacare thing started. I imagine the hike we saw starting this year will only be a drop in the bucket compared to what's to come as things start going into effect.

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My pay cut was not too bad, bit by bit, but it ends up being almost $500/year. Sigh. Oh well, I feel that it was coming one way or another and that it probably would have happened regardless of which dude resides in the White House. It comes down to whether the parties can work together for a common goal or not, and they've shown repeatedly that they cannot. Neither side can stand to let the other side "win" on an issue.

Now I'm worried about Obama working towards gun control. I don't own a gun myself, but I don't feel it's the government's business to tell others if they can own a gun or not. And I think it's a step towards total disarmament of the population...It's not guns that kill people, it's people who kill people, just like cars don't kill people, but the people who are operating them. We need to focus more on the issues behind this rather than gun control, perhaps put more funding into mental health. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't believe that taking guns away from the population is it. I don't mean to start a debate on this issue, I'm not particularly politically-minded, but I feel that we do need to pay attention to these issues. I read an article the other day on how Hitler seized power and how he slowly eroded people's freedoms so that they didn't notice how serious it was until it was too late. Just don't want that to happen here. We MUST learn from history.

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"We need to focus more on the issues behind this rather than gun control"
It's all about the smoke & mirrors. Make the people look one way while they work their "magic" somewhere else. By the time we find out what's really going on it's done.

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You are correct, we all lived through it but certain types of people remember and forget things at their convenience. Stupid is a good word for blaming it on one person and ignorant would also fit. This is the United States and the poorly "Coded" comments confirm nothing he does will ever be right to those types of people anyway. My observations have shown that train of thought is not prevalent upon most white collar middle and upper middle class, but the blue collar class.

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You are correct, we all lived through it but certain types of people remember and forget things at their convenience. Stupid is a good word for blaming it on one person and ignorant would also fit. This is the United States and the poorly "Coded" comments confirm nothing he does will ever be right to those types of people anyway. My observations have shown that train of thought is not prevalent upon most white collar middle and upper middle class, but the blue collar class.

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I wish it was just a SS tax increase (or really, the tax credit expired and those who pay into Social Security are paying their earlier rates) making my take home less. My company doesn't pay into Social Security but we did have our health insurance costs raised significantly with only 90 days notice (and that notice didn't include how much they were increasing). Mine has nothing to do with Obamacare. Mine is that our "association" (union) apparently has been mismanaging $ somehow and now we have very little to cover those costs. So my health insurance will be $15 a month as it has been but my families is $600 - when I'm used to paying $75 a month. And... the best part? It's going up again in April but there still don't know by how much.

The good news? Since most of why I was sticking with this job has to do with the health benefits and they are so bad now I get to find a new job. Have to wait til DH stops with his self-employed shenanigans but I'm so excited there's an end in sight!

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Sorry-i've been alurker here for almost a year and I guess this is a weird post to start on but.....I voted for the guy as dis everyone I know. Not because I think obama's great but because I don't like Romney. ( I actually wanted to vote for the greeen party but was convinced that it would be a wasted vote). Just saying that people's perception of who people voted for has more to do with how the people they tend to hang out with voted than any national trend. I am not at all thrilled that more money vanished from my paycheck but I do want social security to stick around. I agree its a sticker shock but more to do with obama stupidly snorting it in the first place.
just one other thing-this morning I was reading a post on here where a woman was being jerked around by her ex and other posters were advising her to get some help from govt offices so she could get on her feet rather than go back to him. I think having that help available is really important when you're in a bind esp. For women. They should call them safety net programs because if they worked right that's what they should do. That they don't work well has a lot to do with how they're run not how much they cost. But not having them at all is really bad for people who are vulnerable in some way. I had the experience this year of seeing a student (adult woman wig a two year old son) go back to the boyfriend who was beating her up with her kid because she had noplace else to go.there is one emergency shelter for women in our area and it is totaly overfull. She stayed with friends for a little bit but they were crowded themselves and you cant do that forever especially with a toddler. So she went back. They've cut funding for every possible thing around here but we do need things like emergency shelters. Its in no ones best interest for people who dint have family to be stuck on bad situations.

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Also, it says it gives them confidence, but does it really. I would think that it would make them more self concious and aware of their flaws. I went to school with a girl that was a pageant girl at a young age, and she wasnt just confident (well she adult costumes faked it well school girl uniform i am sure she was lingerie sale just as self concious), but she was a total snob.

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