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More Drama from Fort Voldemort (FL)

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So Voldemort is still in FL at her psychology conference, deets here:

Ysd15 is still supposed to feed and water the animals at Voldemort's Lair, fair enough. Yesterday when she went over to take care of that, she opened the windows because she said the house smelled musty. She forgot to close the windows. Rather than telling the kid to have her father take her back to the Lair and shut the windows, she sent ysd a LOOONG crazy text about how ysd isn't allowed there anymore until Voldemort returns on Sunday. Voldemort also informed ysd that a long time friend, (of Voldey's), and friend's husband would be looking after the animals. Voldey closed her rant with, "If you don't respond to me, I'm shutting off your phone. I really don't understand your behavior."

The night before this excitement occurred, the above mentioned friend sent both osd and ysd a text requesting a dinner date with them. To clarify, this woman was friends with dh and Voldemort when they were married and is the godmother to Hodor. Anyhow, the girls immediately told dh about the text and he instructed them not to answer her. This woman did not contact dh at all regarding his girls and this dinner request.

Back to this morning, the same stupid friend, sent the girls another text about her disappointment in them for, "not having the respect to respond" to her text. She then went on to tell them that, and I quote:

" matter what anyone else is doing or doing to you in this life you will still need to answer for your character. I have found the best way to do this is by being respectful and always take the high road." THIS from the woman that attempted to circumvent dh...THE GIRLS' father. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This from a woman that has had NOTHING to do with either of these girls for at the very least TWO YEARS and all of a sudden takes an interest because Voldemort called her in a fake-ass panic over a situate SHE created because no one is paying attention to her.

Pertinent information:
- since the first phone call that Voldemort made to ysd calling her stupid, telling her that she is going nowhere in life, etc., (keep in mind this kid was in the nuthouse about three months ago for swallowing a bottle of Tylenol), ysd has not responded to any of her texts.
- dh after that call, Voldemort called dh and wanted to fight about it...dh told her they could talk about this when she gets back from Florida. He assured her that ysd is fine and and staying at our place as they he and Voldemort had already agreed upon.

I get really defensive when my dh is disrespected. That's where my anger at this woman is coming from.

Dh is calling this woman today, if he hasn't already.

I'm sort of just watching all this happen. I'm concerned about it because if things keep going they way their going, ysd will be in the apartment full time just like osd is. Ysd isn't a problem, (yet), like osd is. I'm on edge because that's one more kid in the house, one more human for osd to have some imaginary issue with, one more long-ass battle between dh and Voldemort that will be happening in the background of my life. I've still got a month to go before dd goes back to her dad's, (outta state), and after that I've made some plans to keep myself extra busy since the holidays mean a TON more work for dh. From here to there, I'm just biding my time, I guess and staying out of the whole thing. The girls have been sharing what's going on with me, however, I'm not getting involved; not texting or calling anyone, not driving ysd back and forth to the Lair for her things, none of it. I'm hanging out with dd and hoping this storm of stupidity will pass quickly.

Also: their gran is coming to town in a few weeks...the gran of Voldemort that has absolutely cut Voldemort out of her life for years now. Voldemort has no idea that the girls are in contact with her. That's another shit show I'm staying out of because when Voldemort finds out, it's gonna be a Pity Party Cry-Fest like no other....or at least not like the once since earlier this week I'm guessing.

/sigh. That's it in a nutshell, comment away!


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That's the plan. His response to the girls when they told him about her, "request", was, "Hell. No."

I don't know this woman at all, I do however, know that if she's crazy enough to believe everything Voldemort told her and decides to show up at my door, the cops will be called quicker than she can ask the lord for assistance; I won't even answer the door.

Seriously, the fuckery that goes on with Voldemort and her idiot posse brings a whole other layer to the word circus.

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I was kinda stunned when I dug a little deeper into what the Avatar thing was about. At first it just seemed like a, 'get in touch with your feefees" kinda thing, then someone posted a link yesterday and I watched that and a couple more vids - they made my eyes glaze over and I think I lost a couple of brain cells. Super cultish.

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This woman has serious control issues. Yeah, I'd be careful about who knocks on your door, too!

~ Moon

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IKR?! I don't want any of this fuckery getting near dd! And backstory to Voldemort and the friend:

Six or so years ago when dh and Voldey got separated, Friend found out that Voldemort had multiple affairs and cut Voldemort the hell silence. Then BAM, bffs...I guess friend is bored with her church buddies.

This lot of shit-stirrers need to live on their own island where they can be with their own trifflin'-ass kind and leave the rest of humanity out of it.

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Ain't that the truth! And if you're gonna make such a big production about cutting someone off, why let them back in. I swear I have zero faith in humanity if this is how the majority of them operate.

I'm tired! lol

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Your Dh needs to text the friend about true character. True character means being forth coming to the parent. She is a snake.