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A girls weekend, SD's BFF twin friends and the dreaded letter of too many absenses

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First off: I have taken my life back. Since DSO seems the need to get SS15 every weekend, I have started to do things on my own. A little girl cousin weekend trip was spur of the moment and felt great to not sit on a couch in my bedroom yet again.

DSO comes to pick me up Sunday, I didn't want DD to drive all the way to my house after a 3 hour drive. I can see DSO is upset about something...especially when he says nothing and don't start asking me whats wrong 500 times....yes, that's usually mean something with his kids is up.

We get home and there is a letter addressed to DSO from the school board sitting on my spot on the couch (my late DH built an addition on our house with a huge master bedroom...all its missing is a kitchen). I pick it up and he says, Don't lose that I need to check the dates. I put it in his messy spot on his dresser with all his other junk.

I didn't ask what it was, didn't even take the bait. He says its about all of SDs unexcused absences. This is on top of excused absences of Orthodontist appts every month in which BM allows her to miss all day and usually the next day..but she sends sick notes for that. This is all the times while she has been staying with the BFF twins and they missed the bus, overslept and the twins Mom wasn't there to take them, or went to one of the twins dentist appts, funerals. I went thru my phone calendar and tried to help with some of it, he looked thru his texts and FB IMs and actually wrote what info he had by the dates on the letter. He has to call them today to explain these absences.

SD14 is hung up on this one day in December, when she went to a funeral for a relative of the BFF twins. She kept saying...But I turned in a note twice signed. I repeatedly said, just because YOU have a note, doesn't mean the school excepts the excuse...and your Dad or me didn't sign the note either. I finally said, I really don't care. I told you and your Dad that the school board was cracking down, I told your Dad that you living with these people for weeks on end wasn't a good idea, its not my problem and I don't care.

DSO doesn't have a good record with the skids. IDK what they will or won't do, probably nothing. But I knew they were cracking down on unexcused absences and warned them in numerous times about her missing. SD, DSO and BM knows....if it causes DSO to get arrested, get hit with big fines....SD can go live with her Mom.

I just hope that I don't get any flack for it....I work in higher education but we do a lot of work for the state's K12 IT work so I can't have this shit happening when it isn't my kid.


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They can provide all the notes they want but if the absence is for anything other than illness, medical appointment or bereavement of certain family members, it is an unexcused absence.
Make sure your SO protects himself in this and show proof that it's BM who is allowing all of these ridiculous absences.