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Place Your Bets/ alternatively titled: Fun With Math!

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Well YSS stb 16 has been passed on up to 10th grade despite having failed Algebra last year and during summer school.  

In eighth grade, YSS had 3 disciplinary "events"  and 45 lates/unexcused absences.

In 9th grade, YSS had seven disciplinary events.    There were 59 lates and unexcused absences.

These are for disruptive behaviour, skipping class, tardiness, unauthorized absences (the entire school day)

Using an exponential growth equation, my calculated predictions for this years disciplinary events are at 16 (rounded down).   and 77 (rounded down) unexcused absences/lates.

Anyone care to place bets?




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Hmm.. I could have my math wiz kid run those numbers but I feel like those are very sound calculations! I am sure the parents are so proud! 

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has totally put YSS on auto pilot.  She BFFed SD stb 20 and she attempted to  parent OSS stb 22 for about 5 seconds. 

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Oh Thrice you so incredibly mean! 

Dont you know the poor boy is “gifted” 

poor lad is most likely just so bored at school.

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Have a 22 yo in the six grade.  So these kids have to move up for everyone good.  Doesn’t matter if they pass or fail.  Any one who has 59 lates and absences is only hurting themselves. And looking at a job at Walmart.  What they most likely will lose because they never show up