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And YSS Is Academically Off To a Roaring Start. . . NOT

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YSS stb 15 entered 9th grade. School here started on September 7th and already two unexcused absences. Oh and here's a shocker. . .no extra credit summer reading was done.

Who would have thunk it??!!! He's been officially enrolled in learning disability classes not unlike SD stb 19. He is currently between a 3rd and 4th grade level academically. I'll bet cutting classes isn't helping.

Annnddd NO sign of SD stb 19 attending community college according to her social media. Just reminiscing about 5th grade and her 5th grade chums. Oh and odes to her fav animal. . .wait for it. . .the sloth.

We know she's enrolled--whether or not she's actually attending is a different matter. CO says she has to attend with no gap year to continue CS.


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Yeah, most CS after 18 is contingent upon the recipient being a student "in good academic standing". I plan to hold the line on that one hard, if we ever enter that phase.

Both of my SSs receive special ed, but both of them have "unspecified" learning disabilities and they seem to just get to spend extra time with someone who walks them through their work.

They know I love to read and my mother has sent them each a whole library of books. I told them that practice will improve their reading. I used to say "ok, now, 20 minutes of reading before bed", but sort of stopped pushing. I think they read 40 minutes in their weekends with us and I can guarantee you that was the only 40 minutes they spent reading all summer. BM claims she cares about their education, but last year neither kid handed in homework, unless we called them and walked through the assignments with them and the only time they have ever been to the library is with me.

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I pray for the day none of these skids are in school anymore so you may have some peace from it all!

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I hate to hear about kids struggling in school. Thinktrice now I know you may have handed over everything to dh. I get it. So maybe you don't want to say anything.

BUT if your kinda on the fence: Wink

DH can talk to YSS15 and ask about the teachers. IS ss connecting with them? Weird I know but some kids need teachers who are well, relateable to the students. Are the students LOUD in his classes, and does Teacher have control in the class.

Is ss in classes where the kids are assholes.

This happened to us one year. My dh is a non nonsense kind of man who actually sat in Jr. High classes to see what the heck was going on. HE WAS furious in two of 4 classes he sat in. Teachers had zero control of class and students. There was no way our child could learn anything or any other kid for that matter. It was absolutely crazy.

DH said it was awful.and poptart grades reflected how awful it really was. ..anyway...classes were switched and this child is A and B's, ''

Just something to consider.
The teacher/s can make or break a good school year.

*PS we are the kind of parents if our kids best is a C,,,then a C is great. IF the best is A and B's,,,A and Bs are great.

You don't have to respond. I just wanted to put it out there for ya. Smile

Ugggghhhh it is stressfull I know.

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Skids are all PASed out. We haven't seen hide nor hair of them for 8+ years now. I keep on top of things because it's ridiculous that Chef is paying massive CS apres 18 years old and they wouldn't give him the time of day. If ever there were a case for Constructive Emancipation By Conduct, this would be it. But the Gir likes to roll in $$$$$.

We caught OSS "early" emancipating by moving out of the Gir's house when he was 19 years old. She was going to say nothing and keep collecting the dough, of course. Boy was she ANGRY when she found out we knew all about the move (thank you Fauxbook account)

The Gir never makes them do their homework or classwork. Most of the time they spend weekday evenings over at OTHER kid's houses. I often say to Chef that he should be paying his whopping CS to these other families that are raising the Girhippo's kids. I think a lot of this "learning disability" thing is a smokescreen for enabling/coddling BFFing so called "parents" whose kids are on autopilot.