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BM2 is a whacko

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Last year for Christmas, we bought SS3 a book last Christmas called "I Love You, Through and Through" We wrote a little note inside saying we loved him and missed him and Merry Christmas.

I just unpacked his bag and BM2 had packed the same book, but she apparently bought a new copy and wrote inside "TO SS3, I love you SO much! You will always be my baby boy Smile Love, Mommy and Stepdaddy"

WTF?! :? Who does that? How crazy do you have to be to REPLACE a special love book from his father with your own?!


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We bought that book for DS when he was a toddler. I love that book. That sounds like something BM would do. It's pathetic.

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The BM in my life threw away new sneakers we had bought SD and bought the same exact ones in a different color for her to wear.

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She tossed the copy your DH got him and now he's got one to save that has a lovely note from HER inside it because SHE LOVES HIM MORE. Yeah, sounds like page 2 of the "How to be a bitch BM at Christmastime" pamphlet.

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OMG BM did that one year. She took the Bday Presents DH and his family sent SS and put christmas tags on them and said they were from her so he thought DH didn't send him anything for his Bday.

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The clothing thing irritates me to no end. I bought SS a very expensive, very nice NFL jacket for christmas. DH says "oh that's nice I'm sure (insert BM's husband's name) will love it. He know that ticks me off. She gives all the nice clothes I buy for SS to her husband. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR