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One Nice Thing

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I can't even begin to start writing about all of the nonsense of dealing with SS5, SS3, and BM2 this past week, so I will write about one nice thing that happened.

On Christmas morning, SD14 and SD11 had a beautifully wrapped present for me! I was so surprised. I do a lot with them and we have a great relationship, but this is only our second Christmas knowing each other. They are a bit flighty so I wasn't expecting a gift. It is a BEAUTIFUL sailor's knot necklace from Kate Spade that they picked out AND paid for themselves! I was so impressed....not only was it so thoughtful but it is exactly my style. The girls and I love Kate Spade as a guilty pleasure (I only shop there during a sale or at the outlet!).

I was very touched that they thought of me, spent the time to find something I liked, and paid for it all themselves. I asked SO and he confirmed they came up with it all by themselves and he just helped them pick the actual item since he knows my taste.

They are such sweet girls....makes me thankful after reading all of your horror stories! And also thankful after the terrors that are SS3 and SS5!


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Oh my gosh, this is great news. I'm sorry about the little terrors but I'm so glad you were given something so pretty and so thoughtful from the older skids. Yay!!

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That was a great thing for them to do. You must have a really good relationship with them. Hang in there about SS5 and SS3. They are still young and should learn as they get older. Good luck.