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BM knows all our movements.

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God how i hate that BM knows all our movements. SO and I have gone away for a few days and yet BM knows about it because tye skids have informed her!
Why do they need to tell her??? None of her damn business as far as I am concerned.
Roll on another 3 yrs when youngest skid that lives ith us is 18.


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I have been telling my husband this for so long: we don't need to tell SD every little thing about our lives because she reports back to BM and embellishes the details. He doesn't get it and continues to tell SD absolutely everything that goes on in our house. It drives me nuts, and it's the reason why BM and GBM are on my case all the time.

I've warned him that if he keeps it up, he will have no right to be mad at me if I request that he only visit SD outside our home in the future, if BM and GBM make any more accusations towards me through BM's lawyer that involve DD.

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Problem is the skids live with us full time so is really hard not to discuss things in front of them. Esp when we have to arrange SO mum to come and stay while we go away.
SO doesnt see it as an issue - just me Sad