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im not cut out for step life

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Went to visit SO parents briefly yesterday. Took the 2 youngest skids who were going to stay the night. Over coffee general chitchat. SO brings up 'the ex Mrs' (ive never heard him call her that before) to his mum and complains that she is on holiday yet again. His mum says to the skids and SO its about time you all communicated with each other and why dont you know where she has gone?
Who frigging cares!!! They have been divorced 2 yrs now why do we need to know when and where she has gone on holiday? Why do you have to discuss it in front of me?? Why fo they all give a shit still???
I cant deal with this anymore.


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You are right. It isn't your concern where she goes. Next time ensure he doesn't even bring her up.

How long have you been together?

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5yrs this May.
He always brings her up somehow. I dont think he will ever let go.

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Who ended their relationship? If he constantly brings her up, then maybe he isn't over her. It's impossible to have a true relationship with a man who is still emotionally attached to another woman.

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Men hardly ever bring up an ex, unless they still carry a torch for them. Plus, the way he said 'ex Mrs' is odd.

sorry, not good news.

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Ugh.... It irritates me when my DH refers to his ex as Tab. Her name is Tabatha... Call her that! Stupid and petty but still grates my nerves...

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My FDH talks about BM a lot, but it's because he pisses her off all the time. So, really, change 'talks about' to 'bitches about'.

Do you think your MIL and DH feel they need to know where BM is in case of emergency?

Did I read correctly that you and your DH have been together for five years, but he's only been divorced for two?

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If I had a nickel for every time my hubs or his cunt faced mother/family brought up the cum gutter I would throw an EPIC party for StepTalkers. But alas I do not. Here is a thing fuckers how about mentioning some current events or memories that do not involve cum gutters (my term for GUBM/Golden Penis bio dads-not leaving the gents out. Wait lets call them sperm gutters)? Crazy. Just crazy thoughts for those of us living in Step Hell.

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This step-family situation doesn't seem to be working for you.

You've been with SO 5 years; he's been divorced for 2 years; you broke up because your needs were not being met and SO didn't want to make you any type of priority. You moved out. Since then, you've posted small and big resentments about SO's attachment to his exDW and his children. No matter how much you love SO, how much you've invested, how much you want to matter, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It sounds as if he's got too much unresolved business for you to have much of a chance for a healthy, loving relationship.