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update on Osd meetimg

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Date night last might and SO were out in a lovrly pub having a meal and a very much needed 'US' time.
Halfway through the meal he announced he was meeting OSD amd BM for a quick meeting prior to us going out in the afternoon on saturday
Meeting at 2pm but we need to leave at 2.30 at the latest.
I asked how come? Thought BM refused
SO: oh OSD made her feel guilty and told BM she was 'dissappointed' she wouldnt meet

Osd has got her way.

SO did tell me meeting was for 10 minutes only to which i replied 'whats the point?'

Maybe osd is going to tell her she is already married!!

I am so not impressed witb the whole situation

tempted to go an break tne whole thimg up after 10 minutes.

SO did say he would not go to anymore joint meetings but somehow i dont believe him


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Is she pregnant?

I also no longer believe my husband on a number of issues (all related to BM) as past behaviors have shown me that he will continue to do what he swore he would not. It is sad, but I try not to let it bother me.

Maybe a phone call 10 minutes after the meeting starts could help to get your husband out of there on time?

I might prime your husband with the phrase that he so that he does not get cornered into making a decision in 10 minutes, if her meeting turns out to be a request for funds or other assistance.

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As far as im concerned there was absouletly no need to have a joint meeting. Not to discuss this or anything to do with a wedding.
Parents divorced when she was an adult and this was a control thing in which 2 weak parents (who at this moment I see as pathetic patents) were scared of their daughter. .

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Just because the parents disagree with you doesn't mean they are weak. :?

The woman had exciting news to share with her PARENTS.

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So every time she has exciting news, she can bully her parents into meeting together with her? Neither parent wanted to be at this meeting with their ex. Yeah, when you do something you don't want to do because you are afraid of how someone will are being weak. I have had plenty of exciting news to share with my divorced parents and I have/would never bully them to be in the same room to share it.

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Not to mention, the SD has not even shared the exciting news to BM that she is married, but had to have both parents together to announce that she is pregnant? Okay.

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So, she's pregnant, but nobody knows she's married. Is the "wedding" still in two years? This is hilarious.

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Oh how I wish your DH would have stated "well thank god you are married, that way this kid will be legit!" then got up and left.

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I was thinking the EXACT thing. Lmao now ditching the wedding for a baby shower. Hahahaha

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Soooooo, once the baby is born and she’s slimmed down, will she expect a big white wedding with all the bells and whistles?

A guy DH has done some work for just forked out over $100K for a big splashy over the top white princess wedding for his daughter. They are an intact first family where baby gets what baby wants.
The couples 2 year old son was the ring bearer.

Now this guy can afford it but even he thought it was insane. He kept telling DH, they’ve got a kid for Christsakes, why does she need all this bullshit!

I don’t think anyone should get married just because you’re pregnant but I do think you should tone it down if you already have a child or two!

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I have no problem with people who have children before being legally married. Who cares. Not my (or anyone else's) issue. We do not mark birth certificates with "bastard" any longer.

But I do have a problem with aholes who expect presents for any stupid reason.

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She really should tell her mother she’s married. LMAO it’s just crazy. I would have blurted it out had i been her dad. I say it’s time to trade the wedding for a big baby shower. Lol

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I have adult skids. Never ever do they demand that DH and BM1 meet so they can tell them something together. Divorced is divorced. The reality is that it means two households, two lives. As adults, the skid(s) should adjust to it and get used to it. Just like every COD does.

My BS17 would be spit out of luck if he wanted me and his Bio Dad to meet every time he had something to say. We live in two different countries. He has survived with not having us meet up every time he has something to say, just like all the other COD in this world.

OP your DH is being manipulated and allowing it. I'm sorry you watch this happen.