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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! It's been one cuh-razy week and I'm ready for a break.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer, that vile beast. Need I say more?
  • Abusers. A dear friend's daughter - who is like a niece to me - is in the hospital, courtesy of her #$&%/@! H. She is 4 months pregnant and it's a fight to save the baby. I am absolutely heartsick.
  • Former friends who are narcs who can't leave things alone. Stop trying to stir up a pot so old, the ashes disintegrated years ago. Our friendship is O-V-E-R. There's no going back; no way in hades I'd reopen myself up to your toxicity. Stop whining to mutual friends that I won't talk to you and spewing your BS lies. When foolish mutual friends ask me the story, they receive my set-in-stone response... "We grew apart. It happens." You and your toxic caca are not worth a revisit. Get a life. The door to me is closed, nailed shut, and the bridge was blown up.
  • Masks. They no longer required in our office. More power to you if you feel the need to wear one. But stop trying to shame/guilt/bully others who chose to NOT wear what isn't required. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Leftovers. Bits and bobs. Food prices are going up and I've grown to loathe throwing anything away. So.... half a loaf of stale French bread, 1/4 rotisserie chicken, excess parsley, small amounts of a variety of veggies, half a block of cheddar starting to harden = Strata! I made it last night and we're eating leftovers for lunch. 

What's a favorite thing you do with leftovers?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I have not an EFF today. Things are pretty good. I got to work late and I'm staying a little late for a party in our division so that'll be fun.  It's not very busy today as a result!

We don't really do anything with leftovers unless it's leftover roast chicken or meatloaf (buy the beef on sale, cook at least two meatloaves and freeze them - easy peasy dinners at the ready and totally affordable - even YSD likes it!). Then we make sandwiches - or maybe a stir fry with the chicken. We mostly already make stir fries a lot so it's hard to make something else out of them or out of a one-dish pasta meal. We just stick them in the fridge and have them for lunches. OR if there's a LOT of them DH and I will do a smorgasbord meal on a Friday or something.

EDIT:  I just remembered that OSD used to declare that she "hated leftovers" and wanted a "fresh" meal every afternoon/evening. Have at it then...there's the box of mac-n-cheese.

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LOL at OSD!!!

I have some leftover rotisserie chicken, asparagus, and shrooms so I will make uunifetapasta tomorrow. Biggrin

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Happy FriYAY Aniki!  Eff off to wind and heat, which we have had way too much of lately and it's not even June.  I am not ready for another long hot a$$ summer.  For forn this week I'm going with jalapeno popper dip, I had some at our working lunch the other day and YUM!

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We've had not enough warmth, let alone heat, this spring. We're way below normal and today is again, over 10 degrees below normal. I think everyone here is just done with it.

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It's the normal end of the week with rental occupants reporting leaks, or other repairs that they noticed at the beginning of the week. Leaks don't magically disappear and plumbers charge crazy prices for weekend call outs. No hot water, Oh well, you will have to wait until Monday.

The handyman is running like crazy today just to do temporary leak repairs,  he's calling me and saying the tenants told him that the noticed the leak early in the week. The handyman has the patients of a saint, but he just called and is cussing up a storm, because it's the same with all 6 rentals that he has gone to so far today. 

A mass email is being created for all these dumb a$$ people, if this continues and leaks are not reported in a timely manner, THEY will have to pay for the repairs of any water damages caused by a leak.

Leftover Forn: Last night, baked two extra potatoes and will be having twice baked potatoes tonight, any left over meat or veggies will be added. Tonights potato is going to be leftover taco meat, diced tomatoes, asparagus with Mexican cheese and of course your have to add BACON to the mix.

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Not much to declare other than I'm sitting here with a tub of Haagen-Dasz salted caramel ice cream and binge watching Bridgerton... 

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Why oh why do people smoke on the beach? One of the points of enjoying the beach is FRESH AIR! A real pisser...

Forn Friday was cooking with a neighbor friend...stir fry fresh sliced shrooms, beautiful Holland/Aloha/Enjoya bell peppers (hybrid of red & yellow), zucchini, french green beans, carrots, broccoli, and fresh garlic...tossed in glass noodles in a homemade oyster sauce.

And I finally sliced my first dragon fruit/pitaya to freeze to make power bowls tomorrow! yay <<small win>>

Enjoy your weekends! Hugs

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Eff off Friday on a Sunday.

Eff off to stupid Big Boss Man of the company.  He has decreed that a project that should take a minium 6 weeks when working full tilt will be done in 4.  Bye bye life.  Worst thing is that the closing date is Monday after our June bank holiday weekend.  This means that I'll have my 3rd bank holiday in a row ruined.  Because it relys on external consultanting firms who charge by the hour, I know it will run to the very last minute and there is virtually nothing I can do to alter this behaviour.  Even if I manage the heck out of our consultants, the external party to the deal has their own consultants who can gum up the process.

  • Easter long weekend - Covid
  • May bank holiday - Project closing
  • June bank holiday - Project closing

Luckily Mr TASM is patient about these things.


My favorite leftovers are from roast chicken.  The leftover meat becomes salad or sandwiches or goes into chicken noodle soup or chicken and pea rissotto.  If I'm doing it right, it will go into all of the above.  I make chicken stock with the bones and the peel from the vegtables the chicken was roasted with.  This then gets used for the noodle soup and the rissotto.  Finally if we have roast vegtables left (love doing celariac), they get turned into a hearty roast veg soup. I make that chicken work hard.

I love saving the stale bread and blitzing it into breadcrumbs.  It gets stored in a jar in the fridge or frozen.  I use it to add a crunchy topping to pasta bakes or mac n' cheese.  It is amazing if you fry it in olive oil with garlic and then scatter it over pasta instead of cheese.

If I have leftover lettuce in the fridge, I love to lightly fry it in olive oil with onion and garlic then serve with pasta.  This is great with the breadcrumbs or parmesan.


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TASM, I'm having Eff Off Monday!

Roast chicken is great! Sooooooo many uses.

I have never made bread into breadcrumbs. It's usually made into garlic bread, French toast or bread pudding. There is no such thing as leftover lettuce in our house. *lol*