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More contempts…BM is going to be our star witness

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HCBM can't help herself. We had the kids this weekend and of course she sent the flood of messages. lol! DH skims them the make sure it's nothing important and 99.9% of the time it's not so he puts it aside and deals with it after the weekend is over. 
So, one of her messages was that SS's want to do basketball and asked if he would agree. In their agreement he is to pay for extra curriculars that they mutually agree to before any payment or registration.  So get this!! Lol!! 

She sends this stuff on Thursday. On Friday he gets an email from the basketball league stating "thank you for registering SS's" 

So at this point he does message her to get this one record and stated that he just received an email rhat she once again signed them up without his agreement. In the court order it specifically states that neither parent is to sign the kids up for any activities that occur on the other parent's time without that parents written approval. Another contempt. This is about 25-30 at this point. 

So she messages him back stating "I was just holding their spot. I can unregister them and reregister once you agree to basketball. You are required to pay!" 


BAAAAAHAHAHA!!! She's lost her dang mind! That is not the way this works. Court looks like it will be scheduled for Jan/February. I literally can't wait. She is burying herself nonstop. 

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Between her deposition, her history, and her continuation of CO violations I hope your attorney nails her for a separate contempt motion for each violation.

Good luck in court.


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Nothing will be done... Does he agree to have kid in sports or not. Seems petty, something like this not worth the headache. The judge will be like, "seriously",  you guys can't figure out something so unimportant?

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I hope she gets buried. I don't know if this makes me the pessimist or realist but you should go into this expecting nothing. What she deserves and what will actually happen may not line up. Court system is messed up. So if you expect nothing you won't come out of it bitterly disappointed. If BM gets penalised then throw your private celebration. Look at JMTB's SS's BM. There's a nutter if you ever saw one. Comtempt, fraud, PAS, you name it. Got away with it free as a bird. 

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Oh I know!!! The only thing I'm expecting is a parental coordinator. Since their situation is so high conflict, there is zero chance the judge won't grant one. I mean if that's the case, we give up and that's that. Lol! I do not expect BM to get any penalty. It just seems they get away with murder but whatever we do get in the end, it's better than this! 

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Yes, this. Hope for the best but expect the worse. Court generally doesn't go how you hope, because it's not like criminal court - it's basically all about your judge and his/her biases.

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I sincerely hope your family court agree's with you.

Since bm' has custody it may be an difficult.

PLEASE please please keep us posted. 

When is court?

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She doesn't have custody. They have joint physical and legal custody. She just ignores that fact and does whatever she wants. 
probably early next year. Fingers crossed! This is outrageous.