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Boundaries and completely unbelievable insane!

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HCBM has lost her mind. My husband has very firm boundaries in place. He has told her he wants nothing to do with her, he uses BIFF, he never ever has any communication outside of what is required and necessary about the kids. 

She actually said she should get all his mental health records so she can help him. 

I'm sorry. Excuse me you lunatic?? 

She is the last person we want help from and he is in therapy healing because of her relentless abuse! 

I honestly do not think there is a more crazy person than her. What is she even talking about? 

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Why would I give one of the main reasons for needing therapy my records?  But when you go to therapy... you might start at the letter "D" for delusional.

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Court is finished. We have to go back for judges ruling. There was so much documentation that she needed more time. DH did amazing and was calm, cool and collected the entire time. He just spoke the truth and that showed. HCBM however was a basket case the whole time. Bawling and getting super defensive. But DH is the one who is emotionally unstable. Lol!!! Oooookay. She just sounded nuts. Truly. Completely off her rocker nuts. The judges expression was priceless. Hopefully things will work in our favor. But, I now realize why people say court is SOOOOO frustrating! HCBM lied through her teeth but it all comes down to whether the judge believes her or not. We had proof of her lies but some things we just had no idea would come out of her mouth so we were caught off  guard. It's crazy making. 

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For your sake, I hope the judge is able to see the truth, but my experience has shown me that the "poor, helpless, single mom" always ends up being seen as the victim. Several years ago, BM demanded a mediation (it's still not clear why). She spent the entire mediation sobbing and saying "why are you doing this to me?" and pretending she was going to be sick. DH mostly sat there silently and bewildered, reminding BM several times that she was the one who demanded mediation. The ridiculous women running the mediation then told DH he really should consider accommodating BM including leaving work early to pick skids up mid-day for visitation. This was despite the fact that he had paperwork from his employer saying that leaving early repeatedly could be grounds for automatic dismissal and also that if he left work early he would lose out on pay. The entire thing was ridiculous. BM also refused to follow the few things they did agree to...including DH not taking her daily phone calls. She claimed it would be "child neglect" if he refused to speak to her over the phone. 

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"So she can help him" HA she wants them as evidence that he's an unfit parent. 

These BMs are S-M-A-T smart 

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Exactly!!! She sounded so stupid!! Nobody asked or wants her "help" it's completely crazy.

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that nobody guffawed when she said that. OTOH, they were probably all so mesmerized by her number that the idea of a woman wanting her ex-husband's mental health records so that she could "help him" when he has a perfectly capable spouse (in the unlikely event that he need any kind of help).

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Oh she does not acknowledge my existence. He needs her to help him. I literally can't with her. So, he was diagnosed with autism. He wants his son tested. She refuses. So, somehow because he shared that he has autism that opened the door to her getting his evaluation. Don't even ask me! Anyway, he was misdiagnosed with NPD. This was a misdiagnosis and his therapist explained why people with autism sometimes get misdiagnosed. Oh boy. She had a field day with this. She completely disregarded his therapist who he's been working with for over a year. She says she always knew and she feels so validated. She said he only showed the therapist that part that he wanted to show him so the therapist would say he was misdiagnosed. This is a man with double masters, a PHD, has done clinical studies, was a professor and specializes in people on the spectrum and personality disorders. 
but HCBM with a bachelors degree in a completely different field knows better than him. 

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Though nowhere near the level you have seen, the batshit crazy SpermClan crap did earn the SpermIdiot an ass chewing by the Judge every time we were in court.

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BM sounds like my mom, when I was growing up. She was always "right." She had a Masters in Psychology so when my dad asked her to go to couples counseling, she flat out told the therapist that she "outranked" him and she was right, he was wrong. After that my parents divorced. Honestly, it was the best thing to ever happen to my dad. He was like an abused wife in that relationship, and there was no talking her out of it. 

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When DH and BM went to couples counseling, BM stormed out after the counselor told DH "divorce will be good for you, because she's abusive" and also told DH he should ask for 50/50 custody. Years later, BM wanted DH to go to counseling with her so the counselor could tell him he "was wrong" for not being her friend. She then screamed and cried when he wouldn't go...some women are just crazy, but society tells them that they are women and therefore can't abuse men.

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Sitting through the opposition idiocy, the robed morons  presiding, the dip shit attorneys, and the days, weeks, months, and often years of the crap has always left me needing a scalding hot high pressure shower to blast the skeeve off of my body after every court event.   

We never lost and I cannot imagine the boiling shower it would take  to blast that court skeeve off after a court loss.