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Loca Grande is at it again...

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Her biopsy came back fine- now she's preparing for surgery on a slipped disk in her neck, or something like that. The skids are fed up with her, after the "cancer" stunt she pulled most of the summer. She's also really jealous of Princess going away to college.

Anyway, she called Loghead today and left him a voicemail that says she's decided not to pay for PITA's braces, since Loghead can't see to it that the kids treat her with any semblance of respect. She also said she was going to save $300 a month by dropping them from her insurance. She told Loghead she hoped neither of the boys got hurt in basketball this fall.

He called her back and left a message reminding her that court documents state she wil pay for the braces or her pay will be docked. He then suggested that maybe if she didn't tell so many lies her kids might choose to spend more time with her. He also said not to worry about insurance, and if anyone did get hurt, he'd remember NOT to call her, since she can't seem to remember to act like a mother...

Later she called back, leaving another message, telling him he was a POS dad and other equally horrible, non-true stuff. He said she sounded almost drunk on the second message.

She's been in a realy downward spiral all summer. I've been avoiding her since the beginning of June. I'm just glad the messages were on his phone this time, and not mine. I told her if she called me again, I'd file harassment charges against her...


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I don't know how you have put up with it for so long LW. I haven’t been dealing with a crazy ex wife for near as long as you have, and I am not sure I can deal with it anymore. I hope that she can learn to act like an adult soon. I’m glad she called you DH too. Smile
How was it when your SD came home?