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Words cannot describe...

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... what a b%^&* she is! When the orthodontist office called Loca Grande about her payments for PITA's new braces, she told the secretary that she has decided not to pay for them, and they can send the bill to us! :jawdrop:

She DECIDED??? It's in writing, in court documents. She's so full of crap. How can you "decide" not to pay for a medical expense your own biological child NEEDS? It's not like we just decided to cram his mouth full of metal for the heck of it!

The best part was that the receptionist has dealt with her before, and told Loca Grande that maybe she should have made that decision BEFORE the braces were "installed" and that the decision seemed like that of a "loving mother" and that the office would be in contact again soon. LOL

I thought the receptionist was going to explode when she called me and relayed this to me. She felt so bad for "attacking" Loca Grande and being unprofessional. "How do you deal with that? She's always been so nice when she's been here!" Tell me about it, sister. I know. I've lived with it.

But seriously. She has had no major expenses for her own kids- EVER. I figured it out once. In 7 years time, even with insurance, we had spent over $25,000 in doctor's visits and prescriptions alone! And most of it was for problems that were linked to her genetics. Granted, the skids get their crappy teeth from both Loghead and Loca Grande, but still... The deal was, she was so broke at the time Princess needed her braces, and our tax return had just come in, that we paid upfront- CASH. We got a $1000 discount for that. She didn't want to pay us back half, so she volunteered to pay for PITA's. About a year later, when she took us back to court to get custody- which failed- we had it placed in the court papers that she would pay for his braces. And it's not even like she's doing all of it! PITA is on my damn dental insurance! He's still getting the rate after insurance, so it's only like $3000. And now she "decides" not to pay. hell, she probably wasn't going to pay anyway, but she could have set something up with the office, or not have taken him to his appointments to do it.

Gotta get on Loghead for him to check over the documents and see what would have to be done to dock her pay...



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Oh I can so see this in my near future, I wish you the best with your situation, but it seems that you've got it well figured out.

I admire that you assist your DH in being on top of things, I am the same way with my dearest (but I refer to myself as the 'control freak') either way, it gets done and efficiently...haha Smile
What would they do without us?!

In any case, a very similar situation happened with my family as they are in the EXACT situation as us...And the mother had claimed that she had insurance on her daughter and was expected to, but did not for six months lying to her ex...yadda yadda a bill comes, a WONDERFUL lawyer and a ton of paperwork later, and the mother paid her dues and looked like a fool.

Once again, the best of luck to you!