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Adult Step Daughter broke my phone while drunk

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Asking for unbiased opinion:

Yesterday my husband and I went to the wedding of his niece. His brother's wife sat my husband and I at different table from the 2 daughters and their husbands thank God. Anyway thanks was taking a video of his mom and dad dancing during the grandparents dance and she snatched my phone out of my hand it first fell on the floor and then I picked it up and she snatched it again. The phone screen cracked. She was drinking a lot so husband said she was drunk and didn't do it on purpose. I have been fully disengaged from the older daughter so much that it seems normal to ignore when she's around. They have noticed and don't like it. She asked me to take 2 pictures after she broke my phone I took the pictures and sent them to her and said "oops". This morning I said an apology would have been better than an oops and my husband said that I escalated the situation and should have just let it go. 
your thoughts FYI she did call and apologize I told her love her and thanks for apologizing. 

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When I sent her the pictures last night I told her here is the photos I took for you and the video I was taking before you dropped my phone. Her reply was oops 

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I don't think asking for an apology in that situation was escalating it.  SD shoild have apologized and offered to pay for repair, drunk or not. 

Of course DH probably doesn't want to rock the boat but you still have a broken phone.  I would buy a new one, latest model,brand new, and send the bill to your DH.  That's the cost of keeping quiet about your stuff that his dunk offspring break.

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Thank you for your response. I'm actually trying to do better at understanding the reason for their behavior so I wanted to make sure I was not exaggerating the situation or should have just paid the $150 and not mention. 

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Your DH minimizing the bullshit behavior of his toxic failed family spawn says enough about your choice in a partner.


You did not escalate.  He failed to raise a decent daughter.

Get the screen replaced and send her the invoice.  CC daddy when you do. Or better yet, get a brand new top of the line phone and send her the invoice.

She was drunk and didn't mean to? Wtf!  That makes it even worse.


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If being drunk is all the excuse for a free pass, lets down a bottle of vodka and go on a punching spree. To every person you punched: "oops"

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How do you accidentally grab a phone from someone's hand, lol. Sounds like your DH has all kinds of excuses for his daughter. 

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I would call her and ask what day this week, she is free to take you for replacement screen.

IF she is old enough to drink, she is old enough for you to say that.

I wont hijack your post by telling you everything bm's kids broke, stolen, vandalized of ours.AND pets they hurt.

It is still a living f'n court.

 Your sd is a grown woman..she needs to make this right. NOT your dh, but your sd.



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My husband came in today and said my dad said the daughter was very drunk and I said oh now you believe me because your dad said it. I'm not sure which is worse? I'm starting to think my husband doesn't even love me if he never takes my side.