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The way they think is so flawed

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How do you wrap your head around it? I mean...we see right through her but in what universe does s person actually think the stuff they say is valid when it's literally crazy talk? DH said no to SS doing baseball this fall because SS choose to do marching band and it's a huge commitment and he wouldn't be able to barely make any baseball games. DH said that would not be fair to the baseball team so that's a firm no way! Not cool! 
She then turned around and wrote another one of her famous essays (LOL) about how she's a single mom and has to work very hard to provide for the kids "needs" (last I is not a need and DH pays 100% for everything they mutually agree on. He just paid $2000 for younger SS baseball) and how dare him put all the burden on her to get the kids where they need to be and how she hopes he takes him but if he doesn't she sincerely hopes he doesn't just let SS sit around playing video games as "that's all they do at our house" ummmm not even close! 

We ignored her, sent the OFW to our attorney and letting them deal with it. She realllly never gets the hint. Everyone says to ignore her and she will get the hint. I'm telling you, this one? NOPE! She never ever will. 

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Ignore, ignore, ignore. She won't stop. The only thing that stopped BM from contacting DH was when he physically blocked her from his phone the day SD turned 18. And even while blocked, she would send messages to DH via SS28. He ignores those as well. They are cut from the same cloth and need attention. Don't give it to her.


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In college we had a phrase "I buy, you fly" which meant that I would pay for  food, booze, etc... if a friend would drive including covering the gas for a trip.

DH is buying (Paying CSand for activities) BM can fly f(schlep the SKid around to activities).  Quit reading her drivel and stick to NO!  DH needs to stop paying for anything more than CS and anything else stipulated in the CO.  I like the one activity per semester or season model.  BM needs to learn that as a single mom, she does not get to dictate to DH,and she is no more important or qualified than DH to parent.  WIth her long history of crap, she is less qualified.

One thing that a CP needs absolute clarity on is that they have ZERO influence of the NCP's time including scheduling Skid activities during the NCP's time. If they do, the NCP has zero requirement to support anything the CP tries to implement during the NCP's time. And ... vise versa.

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Yup!! Except they both have joint legal and physical custody. No NCP or CP. Yet she acts like she is the CP. lol. DH has had a boys trip planned for this weekend and coming back on Tuesday. He let her know (as they need to inform each other of out of town travel) 

She messaged him saying that she just found out about a debate team camp on Monday and Tuesday and how she warned him the kids might have things come up and that DH needs to be flexible with plans for the kids "needs" 


lol!!!! So a last minute debate team camp is more important than them having a much needed boys trip that has been planned for months. She keeps blabbering about the kids "needs" as if having a relationship with their father is not a need. Baseball and camp is much more important in her eyes and he should see it her way. LOL!!! She's literally nuts! While those things are important. They are not more important than family. Sorry not sorry! 

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She uses the "needs" of the children as her control strategy.  DH needs to use "NO!" as his.  Any time she drops "the needs of the kids" he needs to call her bullshit, tell her that her control freak crap has nothing to do with the needs of the kids and to STFU and crawl back under her rock.

Pain drives behavioral change. Make her behaviors painful, she will change them.

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That's what he has been doing. He said:

 "they need to have a healthy relationship with their father and I will follow the guidance of our family therapist as well as my own judgment to decide what that looks like when they are in my care" 


he just keeps repeating that and ignores her next message and the next and the next. She is getting SO MAD. Lol!!! 


and ends it