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This should interesting!

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A new chapter in my disengaging adventure started this week. 

First, according to the PP, DH has SS on Mother's day weekend (per the calendar), but BM gets SS from 6pm Saturday - 6pm Sunday for Mother's day. My ex and I didn't bother with these Hallmark holidays so this schedule is ridiculous to me. 

Prior to realizing which weekend Mother's day fell on DH and I made plans to go to a resort town for the weekend and take SS. When we realized the conflict DH wanted me to recuit my mother to deal with crazy BM. I said no for three reasons: 1 - SS is not my son. 2 - My mother should not have to deal with crazy BM on mother's day. And 3 - Last time my mom helped she almost had to call the police on BM. There is not negotiating with BM and she will derail any plans we have if she finds out about them. 

Fast forward - my parents know the crap I deal with so when DH finally reached out (waited until this week) they said, "NO!". So long story short...I am having a girls weekend with two friends I haven't seen in quite a while. WIN!!!

Secondly, DH has had a minor surgery planned for some time - it is tomorrow. I will of course drive him there and back, but I did not secure child care for SS. He asked today who was watching SS and I said, "Whoever you planned to watch him." He is now freaking out because we leave in a couple hours to head to the town his procedure is in. We are staying the night because it's a 3 hour drive and he has to be at the hospital at 5 am. Curious to see how this plays out. 



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Update on yesterday: DH informed me that he secured SS to stay the night at a neighbor's house. But...and big but! He would be picking SS up  after  practice and them taking him to the neighbors and that I could pick him up at the house to head out to his surgery. We live in the opposite direction of the hospital and would add andditional hour and half to my driving time for the day - all after a full day at work. NO WAY! Our original plan waas to leave straight from work. 

I told him I would be at his work when he got off and if he wasn't there I was heading home and if I made it home I wasn't heading anywhere else. 

He asked what he was supposed to do. I said, "Call the school and tell SS he can't go to practice and get on the bus. Let him know he is to get off the bus at the neighbors." He then started going on about him letting his team down and how he didn't have clothes at thet neighbors. I let him know I really wasn't that concerned about a youth league player missing one practice (he never misses practices) and since this wasn't planned out he would have to wear the same outfit twice - maybe the neighbor won't mind washing his clothes. 

I am writing this from the car while I wait to get informed DH is in recovery. I am assuming all went well with SS and the neighbor. There have been no frantic calls. 

Hopefully this is a lesson learned.