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Marking Time

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Well, I have been marking time. It's just a few days away from my birthday and anniversary which are purposefully, both on the same day, the 3rd, so my husband, can't screw them up. Smile I was reading the comments in the posts about wills and stepchildren, and interests, and such. First, I will just say, you need to do whatever fits your own comfort zone. And I would fully expect that your spouse, or significant other should or better fully support you in whatever decision you are comfortable with. That being said, I, myself, think that however you want to divide your estate is a personal decision. My husband's ex, is such a witch, that each time, the kid's turned 18, they are immediately dropped from from his life insurance as a beneficiary. We now have less than a year till my SD turns 18, and she will shortly find out that the money will quickly run out. She has never had a part time job or any kind of work responsibility. She's in for a rude awakening. Mind you, the kids hands were always out for what they could get for Dad, not what they could do for Dad, or call Dad just to say hi. None of that stuff.
My husband says life is too short and he is trying to concentrate on other things. Ironically, he just got a phone call from the high school that my stepdaughter is attending that the school is having some kind of problems with her. The phone call just came to his old office in MD yesterday! Can you imagine that? Needless to say, he replied that in an email to his old office from 3 years back, that she had not resided with us in years. Interestingly enough, on the 29th, my stepdaughter got into a fight with her Mom and Mom walked out and walked away from her. Don't know what happened from there. My husband said he is guessing that she is getting a taste of her own medicine.
So, you see, that eventually things do change you just don't know when it will happen. I hope that those of you who are concerned about the wills will be setting up trusts with executors and also have savings accounts with the proper types that are supervised not joint like my husband's ex did and took all the kids money. I've seen it all---it's frightening!!! Hope that all of you are going to have a pleasant and happy weekend. We are expecting rain here in GA but the sun should be coming out later this weekend. I have convinced my husband I want 3 pair of doggles sunglasses for my dogs as part of my presents--he can't understand it-to me it is the coolest-I just love my dogs--my puppy Bullet has to stay in the splint for another 2 weeks--he is hell on wheels-the vet is letting him use the leg just a little and he skid about 10 feet on the ceramic tile last night. He had a blast. "Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." -Gene Hill