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Stinkin' Dial Up Service-my new post just blew up

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My frustration level is near the limit. DH complains about the time on the net, but the dial up service is soooooo bad, that my posts keep getting blown up, and even looking at websites, the server keeps going down.

Have been trying to resolve myself to fact the facts that we live in such a rural area, that it is not likely I'm going to find employment. Augusta is almost an hour away, and there just isn't the industry there to compete with what I left in MD. (Accounting) The unemployment rate here in the county is now up to 13% and climbing. I am checking into re-financing my house to pay off debts and put down a sizeable down payment to get my husband a new truck, since the existing one is 6 years old and has high mileage. I've been checking on our insurance rates and have found that we've been cheated from our agent for almost a year, since my car should have been classed as recreational because I rarely drive it. The money adds up. I just called Progressive and they seem to be much cheaper. So, we'll probably change.

My dogs are well, considering that my miniature poodle who is now well over 15 years old, screws with me on a daily basis. And my two greyhounds are loving life here. L'il Bullet continues to get into scrapes and has had to have vet treatment twice in the last month. One for hematoma surgery, and the second for puncture wounds. And amongst that period of time, my husband went TDY back to MD leaving me here to fend for myself with 3 dogs.

I still have medical issues to take care of--my old ankle injury which isn't resolved, cardiac, and blood pressure issues, as well as severe migraines. I miss having my previous healthcare providers.

Don't hear from my SS, except rarely when he call to try and brag. He tells such outrageous tales, I wonder if we have "stupid" tattooed on our foreheads. And haven't heard from my husband's ex-since I challenged her a few months ago by telling her that with her spiteful and hateful comments to me, she wasn't making any sense sending me a picture of my SD (which I already had anyways from another source) and I also confronted her and told her that her that the supposed emergencies, she had to leave and attend her brother for his degenerative disease-he's an alcoholic were a farce. She was just concerned about him getting taken in a divorce action, and truthfully he deserves whatever he gets. I told her, I hoped she wasn't foolish enough to continue enabling him. So,life's been quite for a bit.

That's about all I have time to write since I lost my 1st post. Will try to write later today.


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I'm glad to see your post!! I was wondering what was happening with you.
I'm glad that everything is relatively well on your end! I think lovin-life was wondering how you were doing too.

I hope to hear from you again soon!

Good luck with the dial-up!


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SMIT is doing okay...she is having problems with her won't let her access the site.

Make a GREAT Day!

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I wonder if it was just yesterday. I had someone trying to crash the site by sending tons of requests to my server.


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No it’s been for a while now…she says that she cannot bring up the page at all on her home computer but she can do other stuff (like e-mail me on yahoo) so I don’t know what the dilemma is…I also had some problems yesterday (it said something about too many connections).

Someone tried to crash the site?! Only a jaded ex would try to do something so sinister!!

Make a GREAT Day!

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It's good to hear you are okay! I feel that after following the regular's blogs that I find myself worrying when there is a long absense.

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Sweetie, Have you looked into wireless internet from a local provider? This was our only option because of where we live. We have a small antenna on top of our house that points to a local tower.

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We don't have access to DSL where I's very rural. It's like putting a computer in the middle of a cotton field.

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We can't get DSL either. This is actually a small antenna on top of our house that transmits and receives signals.

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I am so happy that you are back! I have worried and wondered about you for what seems like forever! Welcome Back!

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When I knew that my post/rant/rave would be long, I write in either Word or Notebook so that I can save it every couple of paragraphs. That way I can just copy and paste it in the comment box later if my computer goes down.

I have come to realize that the frustration of losing a long, heartfelt and sometimes painful post can be more than I can bear!

So, you see, once again, I have learned something from being here amongst my homies!


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