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I don't seem to do things right, or "I had a bad day"

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Well, I haven't written in a couple of days. My middle thru lower back have been stiff and painful because of the amount of lifting and chopping work I've been doing to get rid of that tree that fell over. I can't afford to just throw it away--wood is too valuable here in the wintertime.

Going Bonkers with Extra Work

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It has already started to be a significantly difficult weekend. The heat seems to be here to stay.....meaning that the humidity does start to kick up and we have these "heat storms" accompanied by some wind, but no rain. My husband came home yesterday, which was Friday. I waited for him to change into shorts, which in itself, seemed like forever. I had taken the dogs out at a little after 4 p.m. We left the house to get a sandwich to eat shortly after 5 p.m. The wind was blowing but didn't seem to be blowing very hard. We weren't even gone an hour.

Trials and Tribulations

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Well, I have seen some interesting reads lately on the blogs, and as I have been driving thru town, also seen some interesting stuff. Never question what you see in the South. You don't want to know, because if you ask, you'll get an answer that you'll never understand. I got a real taste of things yesterday at "Mayor's Court". Smile And the smiley face wasn't because it made me smile, it was a joke! Good grief! I feel like Lucy the Psychiatrist, from Peanuts, on Charlie Brown.

Speeding Ticket Cost was a Killer

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Well, small towns can really be a killer. We just got back from "Mayor's Court" and were officially violated with the cost of a speeding ticket. My husband had a ticket for 50 in a 35 mph zone, first offense ever, ticket cost was $110 plus surcharges, total was $152, plus we had to get his DL copy ahead of time which was $30, which cost us $182.00. The court session was the most ineffecient, out of date, backwards thing you'd ever seen. My husband was the only one that left without getting probation, and we had to go to an ATM to get cash to get a money order to pay his ticket and fees.


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It's been a couple of days since I've written down any lengthy thoughts. But I have viewed and written comments in others blogs, as I have virtually relived some events many times over in reading your sites. So, I empathize with many of you.

Ring! Ring! Does anyone in your family care?

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Well, I have been still looking for a job but everything is so far away. The gas prices keep going up, and we are at least 30 miles from the city where most of the work just starts. Life around here is mostly focused on agricultural farms and manufacturing work which pretty much leaves me out. I can't drive a tractor and I know nothing about industry. I am really trained for the wrong vocation around here. It gets to be pretty frustrating, because available jobs are so few and far between, and I'm not local. So, you get turned down before you even step thru the door.

Bonk! Bonk! To the Head! Turn of the Try to Give Him a Chance Dial

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The old adage goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!! Here it Friday night and still waiting to hear from SS about plans to stop off sometime over the weekend to see his Dad. Don't know what his plans are. I am so fed up, as I wanted to do something else and here we go again, waiting around. How incredibly rude! This is not the first time he's done this, but it will be the last, because we are going out tomorrow morning if he's not here, that's just tough luck. I'm completely fed up with this. Anyone else get treated like this?

SS Calls to see if he can stop off on way back from LV

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Well, We had 2 phone calls this afternoon on the landline. No messages, but stepson called twice. Then he called and left a message on my cell wanting to know if he could stop off and visit on his way back from leave going back to his military base in FL. I told husband to call him and figure things out. I am not going to deal with this anymore. Husband will not discuss any issues with SS regarding SD or ex. And SS will mind his own business. I have nothing to discuss with SS at all. I am still very angry and upset.

Amazing.....New Attorney is Doing Follow Thru

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I can't believe it! The new attorney is actually doing follow thru to make sure information is getting to the internet providers to make sure the blog sites are getting shut down. I just got a "cc" on an email he just sent today, which was actually a complete shock to me. Could believe that somebody was actually doing some work. That's new.
Hopefully I won't hear from the wicked witch, or what we commonly refer to as "the old bat", "the Loon", or "the lunatic" for awhile. Like never would be most acceptable to me.