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Finding Solutions

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Hi All,
I've been following what's been going on with others and have remembered many of the challenges and the emotional roller coaster of feelings that I had when my stepkids went back and forth between both houses. It was really hard because the rules between both homes were so different--with my husband and I being totally traditional and his ex--being laissez faire--acting like a buddy and friend with the kids and having men over all the time and you could do whatever you wanted and live like a complete pig. Of course, it made living at their mom's just grand! We, of course, were absolutely intolerable! And far be it for me to make you do your homework and then check it and your agenda from school! So, if any of you are struggling, you aren't alone, some of us have walked the path long before you. Smile
Today started out as difficult as I couldn't walk on my feet at all; I was basically shuffling, trying to get up on my hands then to my feet. Its such misery.
I had to get up in the middle of the night to cut up lidocaine patches and place them on my ankle and sole of my foot because the pain was so bad so I could sleep. The pain reliever isn't working and I am just beside myself now. I will have to look for a doctor that specializes in pain management until I can find someone who can spend the time to run the testing to figure out what is wrong. I started this morning out with ice packs on my ankle and the sole of my foot. My whole foot contracts overnight--this is plantar fascitis and I have it on both feet but the right one with the coordinating injured ankle is the worst. And when the pain gets completely over the top or I am so stressed out, I get a migraine to boot. The doctor gave me samples of something new that doesn't work and makes me nauseous. I wish that they could just leave what works alone. I don't mean to seem crass or ungrateful....I just miss my old doctors who took care of me because they knew what to do to make things better and more comfortable. So, I will try and find myself some more help. My husband was helpful last night and said whatever I decided to do about the surgery he was behind me. I am trying to have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
But amongst this trouble even with the mess with my husband's ex--since she said my stepson gave her our home phone number I told my husband to call my stepson and ask him. He did and my stepson said that he didn't think so. In fact, he was really trying to be helpful to my husband. The conversation was actually kind of comical because my stepson was talking about his mom and was telling my husband, that he understand why we moved, and that he got it, and that he just couldn't understand why his mom couldn't "get it". My stepson will be 21 in August. I thought it was pretty funny myself. Anyway, my stepson has been busy on some kind of field exercise for the last 2 weeks and should be coming to visit probably next weekend and his girlfriend is coming for the day. So I am looking forward to that, only hoping I can walk around better by then.
I worked outside for about an hour today weeding by the side of the house and pool area. The weather is warming back up again to the upper 80's. Hope everyone is having good weather and a great day.
Take care.